Code of Conduct

We want everyone to feel welcome in the Deepworld universe. Generally our players are polite to each other and enjoy many new experiences with both old friends and new acquaintances. However, sometimes people behave in a way that makes others uncomfortable or outright offends. We want to avoid that as much as possible, so we've put together this Code of Conduct so all players know exactly what kind of behavior is frowned upon.

If you violate the Code of Conduct, you may be penalized with muting, jailing, banishment, or other punishments at the discretion of Deepworld staff.

The Code of Conduct:

  • • Requesting or exchanging passwords and/or account information is prohibited.
  • • Attempting to sell/exchange accounts, items, worlds, etc. for money or goods outside of Deepworld is prohibited.
  • • Attempting to patch, hack, or reverse engineer the game is prohibited, as is representing yourself as a "hacker" in-game.
  • • Attempting to represent yourself as Deepworld staff is prohibited.
  • • Obscenity (swearing) is allowed if done infrequently and captured by the obscenity filter. Avoiding the obscenity filter by inserting other characters (e.g. "you are a d.ork") is not allowed. (*Note: "dork" is not an actual swear word).
  • • Racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, disablist, or otherwise hateful speech toward minorities or other groups is prohibited.
  • • Repeated harassment, stalking, or threatening behavior towards other users is prohibited.
  • • Attempting to severely ruin the game experience for other players by creating lag machines, etc., is prohibited.
  • • When in doubt, just be polite and don't cheat. It's that easy!


  • • Obscenity, while allowed, does have an auto-muting mechanism if you swear too much. The first muting is for 15 minutes, the second for 30 minutes, and so forth. Avoid swearing too often and you'll be fine.
  • • Other conduct violations (as well as profuse obscenity) will generally result in temporary muting.
  • • Penalties will generally begin with a 1 day long duration. Additional penalties will be the same duration if the infraction is very minor. If another major infraction occurs, the duration may be increased to 3 days, then 1 week, then 1 month, then for permanent, subject to the discretion of Deepworld staff.
  • • Especially heinous infractions may result immediately in long or permanent durations.
  • • Attempts to patch or hack the game will always result in severe punishment.

Final words:

Remember, Deepworld is a game and it's supposed to be FUN! Just be polite to other players and you will make lots of friends, earn a good reputation in- and out-of-game, and never have to worry about being muted, jailed, or banned.