Popular ideas

Ocean biome

A new biome filled with water, fish, coral, and other aquatic things would make Deepworld a 10,000-leagues worthy adventure. Let's get our harpoon guns ready and hunt some giant squids!

200 free crowns EACH SUNDAY

Every Sunday you would receive 200 free crowns this would help out a lot because a lot of people aren't allowed to spend money on crowns and getting free crowns just doesn't give u enough please make this happen for everyone. Thank you for you time.-Kra...

We should be able to select people we want to put on our pros except all our friends at once

So you know how people let friends build but we don't want all our friends to build that where this come in when it says adds friends a list should come up of all your friends and you choose the friend or friends you want to build

Space biome

a biome in space! fly without gravity, watch out for astroids and make airlocked spaceships! a perfect new way to move, and dont forget to watch your Oxygen level (winkwinknewuseforcanisterswinkwinkk) and explore new materials in astroids!

Fossils as a new item!

Fossils can be found like crystals. There can be many types of fossils such as dinosaurs,birds and so much more. Each animal has their own set of bones. So once you have collected all of them, you can ask an android to assemble all of the parts to make ...

Protector Tab

Maybe, if you had a protector and lost it in a world, there could be a little "protector" icon next to the world in the world menu?


Companions can be little creatures that follow you around everywhere! Different companions can help you with different things such as PvP, Building and to have fun with. Vote if you want this!


As this happens alot with scamming for multiple item against a new player. Yes many players have been complaining to ban someone who scammed them, so this should be implemented into the game so more could join and make deepworld a better place to enjoy ...

vehicles you can ride

add something people can use to ride around the world with. something like a steam bike, steam car and maybe even a helicopter


SmartBuild would essentially be a complex building system that premium players could switch on and off while they are playing. While SmartBuild is on, players can do a variety of more advanced building functions, like rotating blocks, advanced note cus...

A tab telling you what worlds your pros are in

There should be a tap on spawn or a map or something to show where all your pros are like if you have placed one in another world and forgotten what world it is in you could click on the tap and it will tell you

Figurines of people

I think it would be a great idea to make figurines of people , and it can help the developers in making wall of winners and stuff like that. Please vote !

The option to chose bettwenn the old texture and the new 2.0 texture

I have heard alot of people say they want the old texture back and some of them even quit. I am one of those people who is not a fan of 2.0 so i think we should have an option to chose between them.

Cooldown for consumables

Currently it is possible to quickly use consumables such as jerky or canisters. This is overpowered. For example, by constantly eating jerky it is possible to regain health fast enough to survive all but the most damaging of attacks. Even being squashe...

Ready-Prep Build-o-matic Worlds

'Worlds Ready in 30sec or less!' Pre-purified worlds completely devoid of any resources whatso ever. Really. Just an empty temperate world that doesn't have a purifier. Or backdrop. Or maws. In turn, there could be player-place able maws. ...