Never Waste Your Precious Time Waiting Around In Your Store Ever Again! Introducing Tradebot

Ever wanted to spend more time doing more interesting things? Unfortunately, you're stuck in your shop, waiting for a player to trade you for that one thing you desperately need. The Tradebot is the solution you need. Example: Player123 has a purple crystal and wants something for it. They can choose the item they'll take for the purple crystal, the quantity of the item, or they can accept bundles of items (one purple crystal for lots of brass and clay). The Trade-bot reduces the chance of a player being scammed— however, a player chooses prices and trades for things at their own risk (in other words, it's not anybody's fault if you offer an orange crystal for 100 wooden doors). If a player wants to trade a diamond for a large amount of wood and iron, the other player can simply take the diamond while only giving the wood. With the Tradebot, the player can only have the diamond if they give both the wood and the iron offered by the other player.

Submitted by grimAuxiliatrix

On Jun 11 2017 at 08:18 PM


Side Note: This idea was submitted by myself two years ago, presented as a poorly-written and confusing paragraph with little to no punctuation. I'm not trying to spam this idea, I'm just trying to make it a little easier on the eyes. I had to delete some extra information due to the 1000-character limit, so ask me any questions in the comments.
grimAuxiliatrix on Jun 11 2017 at 08:21 PM