Popular ideas

Swords and armor

We need swords and armor for pvp and stuff it would make the game also more fun!

make texture packs and that plz add new mobs like cow and that add on pets and even new guns and plz add on mob spawners so we can get things and add on enchantments

The idea is that it can make the game better like if we have mob spawners we can kill cows to get food and put furnaces that works and put coals to cook things and plz unbanned me developers and owner because someone hacked me and made bad things that's...

Controllable teleporting world to world buildable blimps

U would have a block called small airship or large airship why big cuz big Protector to not get the ship destroyed + need controllable block then need A steam machine working and pumped in the balloon and steam powered engines like thruster By ZeRoy...

Heaven Biome

People who get killed in a none PVP world will automaticaly go to the chosen Heaven Biomes. There will also be a chest o plenty contaning valuable items when you first go there

Nuke bombs as a new item

Who wouldn't want to blow up a huge amount of land! Well now with the nuke bomb you can blow up a lot!

a code to make you primiyim

Customer if you do you can have prima it I'm for free and not buy it

Okay those free crown ideas and they are stupid but how about a monthly jackpot?

Okay once a month 10 people have a chance to win crowns. It would be quite nice, the lucky 10 would be able to get crowns in a range from 20 to 100 or more ill leave the developers to decide how many.any way this idea is much better than those "Win 500 ...

face camera

It is like Skype and we can see each other faces. It can show people real person and we can talk with each other by voices not by typing

Do something about dungeon-stealers

No one likes dungeon stealers, everyone wants them to get punished, but the admins wont do a thing about it just because its not violating the ToS! Yet, they ban for impersonating admins/staff (not in the ToS), and ban for password phishing ( not in th...

Earn crowns after accomplishing an achievement or leveling up

we all know that getting crowns inst easy so i came up with this idea to allow players to earn crown without having to spend a bunch of money this will allow you to save up and buy something cool without speeding your hard earned money.

i think you should add converse black ones and a hat with a E

you should add black converse.With a besball hat with an E

More food items

Add food like pizza,burgers,soda,and tons of more food items and drinks.

No more karma!

can't mine or place any blocks because your karma is too low? well, I had an idea that there can be no more karma! if there's no karma, we can place or mine or anything we can do, so vote if you wish there was no more karma!