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make PC trade

so pc can trade its not fair because pc cant trade.Wht if someone doesnt have a ipad or iphone

Trade Four Items At One Time

A Big Issue Is Scamming And Non-Trustworthy People That Say That They Will Give You Some Items For Something And End Up Not Giving Them. With This, That Will Be The Least Of Your Worries! You Can Trade More Than One Item At A Time (4) And Therefore The...

Team Wars

Team wars Are A 5 vs 5 pvp showdown But to make a Team It will Cost You 30 Crowns there will be a system that will put palyers with players witth the same guns and stuff for Example A guy has Mk II pistol he will be facing another player with the same t...

Trade clothes

I think it would be awesome if you could trade clothes with other players -FaZe_KiNg

using tool boxs to make mk2 and 3 turrets :3

clicking the toolbox on a placed turret will upgrade it. toolbox can still be placable.

Make Water Unable To Travel Through Glass

Will make water unable to travel through glass blocks so u can make an aquarium. Vote If U Like

Easier daily loot

Less xp needed and easier to get xp Yay plz vote! And more guns

Password Door.

Password Door.You have to enter the code to unlock the door.It's for security.I think better use number pad.People who can edit in that area can set the password.What do you think?

Bomb Suppressors

There should be a device that prevents anyone from bombing within its radius. This would be useful in both protected and public worlds, due to various shenanigans being broken up by someone deciding to come in and kill everyone.

Better Butler Bots

1, Upgradable butler bots: Rather than having to build a whole new butler bot and lose all your current directives and the schematic for construction, people should be able to go to "Pocklington/ The Factory" and use the required diamonds or onyx to upg...

Fedora Hat

Just a little fedora hat, Ya know something like a hat michael Jackson would wear, it would just be cool too have it.

Mark 10 guns

This would be very coool because your guns can only be upraged to mark 3 and it would be cool to uprage ut to mark 10 or any number.

Wow, you removed spaces.

Seriously?! You can't have a couple more unique players?  instead you forced me to namechange too interstellar, I want my space back 

ghost biome and heaven biome

ghost biome with ectoplasm and friendly and evil ghosts and the dirt looks like clouds also heaven biome with orangish wightish clouds and angles that when you kill them they dont drop anything and in heaven and ghost biomes theres a new ore called cyst...