Newest ideas

Brain Bomb a bomb specifically made for the Tyrants themselves brain bomb does not affect your character does not blow up blocks just brains go in a dungeon BOOM!!! brain bomb kills a brain for you

maybe make it look like the tank on a brain. bomb only works on brains by killing or injuring them idk ive had this thought in my mind for a while now I think it would be kool :]

Increase the spawn rate of blue crystals in the worlds

We should increase the spawn rate of blue crystals for those who start playing.When is started playing, i took several days to find blue crystals.I thinks its too long.Please excuse me for the spelling or for the words but i am French and i use Google T...

-Item Rarity Meeter-

There are people, especially Newbies that does not know how rare the item is exactly, thus usually leads to getting scammed. I suggest that Deepworld adds a way for players to know how rare exactly the item is, like adding a star rating depending on th...


New dance mode in deepworld! SHOOT DANCE, Make it free in the store when buying 100 crowns. What do you think of my idea? , Well, I love it: D

Guano Tools

Add the Guano Pickaxe, Shovel, Spade, and Steampack. In order to craft, you will need the platinum version of the tool and 10,000 guano.

Ways to get karma faster

Getting a karma punishment is really a pain, especially when you have to wait in-game for 1-2 days. Deepworld should add ways to get karma faster like trading with players (removes 30 minutes of karma) or giving new people rare items (crystals, diamonds...

Guild chat

Its a normal chat box but made for people in the same guild

Lava biome

Lava lakes with new crystals and exploding volcanoes can you survive this biome?

Deepworld being android compatable

Look... I know it was a thing once but now deepworld is really dying. And if people could download it on android I honestly think this game would be more popular. So... who’s with me?

Platinum crow

So yeah.. dosent need description.. oh 50 characters minimum well Its better than the onyx crow obviously


Add the game to android devices please ;-; i really want to play it on android i think so many other ppl also do so please? .................

Shop stand

Craft a shop stand for 5 blues and 50 wood. It lets u sell items u stock on the shop for other players to buy using blue crystals. So u set a price and u don't have to be there to trade! Also diamond stands and onyx stands would be the same but using d...

more furnitures

I notice were missing something? A TV of course that has channels or a computer that you can use to go on the deepworld forums and more or a radio that you can listen to or phone not smartphone but the old phones that Alexander Graham Bell invented. Als...

Free Crowns button on mac version

I don't know if this is a bug or not. I play using a mac and when i go to crowns, there is no free crown button. I really need crowns for the protectors for stuff i build. Could you plz fix. :) :)

Defencives turrets for creatures

There should have at least some defences for those who try to have a safe home in their own world, or in public world. It could be a good idea for making what we want without being annoyed.