Newest ideas

Crystal finding Hat/Device

A new accessory that shows you the direction of crystals. So if you are close to one and it doesn't show on your screen the area of that screen will softly glow the color of that Crystal. This item can't be bought from store and can only be obtained by ...

Giving players with very old accounts crowns

I think you should consider giving players 100 crowns a year if they play

Please fix this bug, Whenever I was online I checked my pms and I had random ones from someone else's account

Deepworld needs to fix this bug ;/ I'm probably not gonna play much until it is completely fixed but thanks Deepworld ;D

Make in-game ways to earn free crowns instead of challenges in other games.

There are only 2 ways to get crowns 1, complete out of game challenges (usually takes money) or 2, buy them (takes more money) But why not have things like daily challenges,mini-games, or even earn crowns from android missions instead of just XP. Thanks...

free onyx

give every free onyx everyday, give every free onyx everyday, give every free onyx everyday, give every free onyx everyday, give every free onyx everyday, hehe llmmzz

Trade multiple items

I think you guys should make it so you can trade multiple items for one item or one item for multiple items to provent scamming. Thanks!

In support with the protector icon idea

There should be a tab just like bookmarked worlds but for worlds you have protectors on

A sandbox Mod!!

It is a separate world where you can build anything. you would have all the items unlimited. this would be good for people who like to build (me). also, this game has some cool blocks. but obviously, the items wouldn't link to your actual account. pls vote

Hardcore mode

No zooming, No jerky, and power, No healing system, takes way more xp to level up, You have to find spawns to leave worlds, No purified worlds, You can't purifie worlds either, Mobs are harder to kill, You see different things more common than other ...

Add more free loots spread across the first made worlds

To give more honor to the old worlds like the beggining world or secrects to the game like in game stories on how deepworld started etc

Volcano biome

lave lakes New crystals Exploding volcanos New ores black background

Bring it to android

I cannot play it on my Samsung iPad so please bring it to android devices

They should allow: that every Friday free 200 crowns, cause people aren't getting crowns fast enough.

People aren't getting crowns (because most people aren't allowed to pay for crowns), fast enough so they will not like the game. We need more crowns faster so that people can play the game more often and acctually doo good things in the game.

Prehistoric Biome

A Prehistoric Biome Would Be A Great Idea. Of Course It Doesn't Go With the SteamPunk Timeline but say that a time machine was made then we could go back to the Prehistoric Times And Adventure There And Watch Out For Small Meteoirs And Verse Big And Sma...