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Mini World

Isn't 500 crowns a little high? With the my idea of a mini world it will be a half world witch means half the price! As an example Mini Arctic World, and all the other worlds.


Add a new biome called jungle with lots of trees and bushes with monkeys swinging from tree to tree and better yet, BANANAS! A new eatable food that cures 3 hearts!

Option to turn earthquakes ON or OFF in your private world

Currently, earthquakes are disabled in private worlds by default. This is not always desirable because earthquakes can be useful for filling in vertical tunnels and gaps, and in removing sky dirt.

Elemental players

Players could choose an element and they are like part of a tribe and they recieve the gun for their element and a few acessories. In combat, these players have the strength of their element, but are weak against the opposing element. If someone was fir...

Make it that u can trade clothes

See a lot of people always say that They wish that they could trade clothes.

Trade able clothes

You ever see someone with a culthu hat and you have something worth value and you want to trade but you can't now you can so please vote who made this idea thejellosquid and Culuthukendall VOTE

If you get to perception 10 you screen will turn red if you are 10 blocks away for a dungeon:)))) vote if you likey:)))-menthlology

If your perception is lvl 10 a small glipsm im the right side of the screen will be shown if you are near a dungeon or a bunker

Liquid Transport Systems

This is an idea about pipes that remove liquid blocks from one end of the pipe, much like a butler bot's drain command, then deposits it at the other end of the pipe, much like a butler bot's dump command. This would allow for architectural marvels, lik...

We should add 125 crowns, when players play every week! Once they played for a week they earn a free 125 crowns! Instead of watching videos it would be better if they played for a week and earn a free 125 crowns. - _RedScars_

It's alot better than just watching videos because im trying super hard to get name change. So i asked my Deepworld friend, xXKellynXx to get me a name change. I Was going to change my name into _RedScars_. So thanks for the votes!

Android Shop Owner

Do you have 20+ items of the same thing in your inventory? Well, visit your nearest market world and stop by Mordecai's shop! Located right beside spawn. Depending on how many items you give him, you can choose from ores, jerky, pitch, gunpowder, an...

How to find ur Teles and Protectors.

People keep losing there teles and protectors and forget them there, i lost 2 micros and i just found my portal, it will be easier if we had a tracker.

i want that deepworld have a place for guild wars

because its nice to have a place for wars and the rules are if the other guild lose the guild who win will take the land of the guild who lose

Cross Polinating Flowers

By placing certain types of flowers and certain colors next to each other, you might have a chance of growing a hybrid flower, which is a flower of a rare color. For example, if you place a yellow or a red flower together there is a chance you will rece...

Forest biome

colorful, tropical forests with new mobs like snakes that can poison you. There can be streams that make you move when your standing in them. You should also be able to swing from vine to vine. Please vote. :-)

Daily item wheel

In deepworld, a daily item wheel, which held crowns (5,10,20), crystals (blue, purple, red), brain wine, micro and small protectors, a free world voucher (free normal world, 3 can make biome world), a jackpot space for the personal crown jackpot (+3/day...