Newest ideas

World protector

It would simply be a protector, that looks slightly larger than a giga protector. It would only be able to be placed on worlds you own. It would not be affected by protectors already placed by others but it would be a way to revert your world to protect...

Heavy weapons

Heavy weapons could be like weapons placed as blocks, that would be connected to a central computer in an. Structure, and controlled when entering that computer. Coupling this with moving object a of a certain size in the form of vehicles, you could cre...

Order of the Sun

A new order ranking in time since your account was created, and ranking up would be based off how many years it has been since you joined. Iron being 1 year, Brass being 2, and so on. The icon would be a sun, designed as a circle with 12 triangles facin...

Jake Paul Merch

This merch will be selling like a god church. Only the people with the most swag could pull this off

Texture Switch Back

I've been playing since late 2013, and I fell In love with the original game design. It's apart of the reason why I've been a long term player. And I know over half the people who used to play... Don't, mainly because of the graphic change. Bytebin, we ...

The ability to see constructed objects on the map

This is not an essential function, but could be used to facilitate the creation of many new game functions, such as the ability to move object of a certain size like vehicles, as well as the ability to see exactly where players are on the map.

You guys show make that we can trade clothes it will be amazing if you guys do it :)

It will change deepworld a lot and more people are going to join the game

1. cheaper worlds, 2. worlds as rare loot

I have 2 ideas. 1 is that all worlds will be a lot cheaper, like 350-400 crowns cheaper. And 2, there could rarely be loot where you get a free world of your choice. you must earn 5000 xp though, since its a good reward. This loot would be in mech chest...

Trade more than one thing

If you ever want to trade a item for two other item but you were afraid to because the person would not give you the other item We'll make it were we can trade more than one item and give it would make it a whole lot easie...

Add an electronic biome

So there can be new enemies to kill and new items to collect but the world can have things to shock you like power outlets! And no liquid on it and background like eletronicy : )

An extra button on the Maps screen so you can find where you've placed protectors

So the screen where you click to go to another world has all these different buttons for finding different biomes and experiences, what if there was another button that you could press to find out where you have placed protectors

Maybe an easier trade system?

I dun know, i guess that the trade system's kind of confusing to newer players/ players that haven't played in a while. so yeh .3.

Make free loot in chest

You should be able to give out free loot as player

Space biome

It would be kinda like the hell biome and brain biome with the specific enimies and ores specific to that biome only

Black crystal

Like crystal this blends in mostly in deep biome earth it would be rarest crystal it does not glow but it would be worth 12-15 onyx