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Pets (READ)

These pets aren't gonna be the old mechanical cat and dog, these new advanced pets will follow you and help you with everyday deep world activities! (Mining, placing blocks, etc.) Some of the pets are; Octopus(helps you breath in water) Bloodhound(a bre...

Crowns From Leveling Up

Level 1-9 Gets 10 crowns Example : Every time they level up they get 10 crowns only for level 1-9, 10-19 Gets 15 crowns,20-Max level Gets 18 crowns,

all payed items can be looted with level high of luck

many player dont know how to use credit card, and many parrents dont let their children used paypal / credit card . parents know their children play creative & awsome game like this but they dont want if their child waste money just for a game.

Like a sim

We Can Sleep,Pee,Take A Bath,Sit Down,Drink Something,Take Off Our Shirts

pink tuxedo

It's a tuxedo that's pink!! what could possibly be better than that?!?! :D

Abandoned City Biome

At the world fair, the brains ruined it by starting to kill everyone. But what happened to all the buildings and cities? Brains aren't even smart enough to mine. Hell, Lord Brain Bombs can't even break metal. Please add an abandoned city biome that has ...

50 free crowns a week

I think you should get 50 free crowns a week if you're a premium member, that way you cant just get a private world or anything but you don't have to waste money on a protecter if you want to protect something.

Videos should be worth 5 crowns not 1

We'll we watch a 1:00 long video for one game my other game u watch a video for 30 seconds and it gives u twenty

Chests holds things

Okay so we all know that chests, large chests, mechanical chests, sacks barrels, etc. can be looted but hold no purpose afterwards. Why not make it so chests can hold stuff. There should also be a safety measure, proed chest stuff safe. Also make the ch...

Attack devices

So a lot of people seem to want new guns but I think they would detract from the steampunkness of the game. So Heres a few compromises: Gatling gun (small versions could be carried by players) and more to scale variants stationary like a turret, so you ...

Trade multiple items at one time to make scamming harder.

So you don't have a less chance of getting scammed.

Being able to set a camera for when you're gone

When you're gone set a camera showing all the players that have been by.

turn the game back to origanal look

please turn the game back to the last version because that version is better

Old Graphics Back

The old graphics looked way more "steampunky" in my opinion. Please bring them back!

Somthing Better Then Onxy And New Weapons

Well almost Everyone Has A Energy Cannon So Why Not Make A New Weapon Like A Plasma Cannon and Onxy Is Now Losing It Vale So Plz make A New Ore Rarer Then Onxy