Newest ideas

Make Clown Bombs Craftable

Be Able to Craft Clown Bombs so we can cause mayhem without actualy hurting anyone ... no promises xD

We should have group private message

I think I'd be a good idea if we had group private messages where we can have at least 5 people in one group so we can all talk together.

New dungeon's!

Dungeons are always nice to find but what if you were exploring the skies and find a sky dungeon see I think there should be a new type of dungeon the sky dungeon where it floats in the air and its shaped as a airship this give Deep world more Steampunk...

Good behavior = Crown rewards

If a player goes without karma, being banned, muted, or reported a certain amount of times throughout a month, they should receive a 50 crown reward

U could add deepworld on android for users that don't have iPhones or ipads

I want to play the game but I can't cause I have a android but it's on Windows and not on android like why

Trade close and emotes

If you can trade clothes and emotes that would be awesome so you don't need to spend crowns plus a money you can trade what we have for maybe even better stuff. Please vote thanks for your time

A new boss - And it's not a brain!

I have an idea about a new boss that Laurence & the crew should add, and for the last three years have been anxiously waiting to share it. I'm thinking some sort of cross between an automa and a terrapus. It's powered by an orange cry and shoots acid fr...

Never Waste Your Precious Time Waiting Around In Your Store Ever Again! Introducing Tradebot

Ever wanted to spend more time doing more interesting things? Unfortunately, you're stuck in your shop, waiting for a player to trade you for that one thing you desperately need. The Tradebot is the solution you need. Example: Player123 has a purple ...

crown bonus

Every sunday a bonus of 200 crowns and a 30 crown bonus everyday should be provide to player above lv.20 and all premium players with a bonus of 25%

Recording button

They should make a record button so we can record. they would get more players from youtube and players would stay longer.

Jrassic Biome

It would have huge trees and new bosses like the T REX, and the Pterodactyl . Also they have a small chance of dropping fossil pieces. Please put this in the game if u want this in the game don't forget to like!

Be able to switch between the old and new texture!

Due to all the controversy over how this texture is bad, and how the older players miss the old texture, maybe we can simply have some sort of switch or button to be able to switch between textures. (It can cost crowns, etc).

How about getting DeepWorld running on the play store on androids and Samsung? (still waiting)

uhhh idk maybe i want to play on mobile while i'm on the road and don't feel like bringing the mess of a pc i have and also idk maybe i want to get friends to join in again due to the fact many have Samsung and also lots of the old player that i know ...

Daily bonus Crown system.

Many games have a daily system to keep players coming back to the game keeping it popular and giving a reason for people to play daily, I believe if we had a daily Crown bonus it would not only bring in more people, but keep them coming back. Apple does...