Popular ideas

Somthing Better Then Onxy And New Weapons

Well almost Everyone Has A Energy Cannon So Why Not Make A New Weapon Like A Plasma Cannon and Onxy Is Now Losing It Vale So Plz make A New Ore Rarer Then Onxy

Having pets something like a Dog,Brain,Spiders,Camels in the desert and a polar bear in the artic

pets can fight with you and kill creatures and you can find Special eggs that have the pet in it and it can hatch from the egg. :)

Traceable crowns

It would be useful because if your friend has X crowns but needs X+3 crowns, then you could get 100 crowns and give/trade 3 crowns... It's useful for families/friends who lay this.

Heaven bomie

Heaven is a good place to be when u die so yall should make a heaven bomie to remember your love ones who died

Vote for Jungle Biome!!! And maybeee A Town/City Biome?

This place would be flat with skyscrapers and more loot. It would include pigeons and houses. With a lot of stuff underground.

Steam Post

The steam post can be a machinery type of item that can be placed. It could be activated using the streams of energy underground, which is similar on how to activate exploders, forges, etc. The item, once clicked or tapped on, will recharge your steam t...


put something inside, then type the item wanted + amount. it would save the time of ALOT of people, especially those that are often offline.

Trading clothing

Let say that a friend of yours just started dw! And they don't have any clothing from chests. And you have spare loot you don't need! You can just give it to them for free! Or if people buy the clothes! I'm think that this would be a fun and cool idea :)

Crystal backdrop

There is crystal blocks that glow and are awesome but there is no type of glowing backdrop, so there should be crystal backdrop that looks the same just a backdrop!!!

Combining and naming guns

This idea you can combine different guns together and you can mix all your guns or mk3 guns together and they will have different Abilities and will look different.And in red chests or mechanical chests you will randomly obtain a item called Gun Name...

Slots for trading

Many people got scammed from multi trading we need this slots so we can not get scammed by other scammers

New Shirts, Pants, Hairstyles (for girls) and New hats

More baggy shirts, cool pants, more long haired styles for girls bc guys have wayyy to many, and some new cute hats

A marrying request!

have u ever seen a guy/girl that u REALLY like or luv? Well, you should send them a marrying request that goes like this: (player's name) would like to marry you, are you interested? YES ...


Good game I'm pro in the game my name is xxthehunterbossxx

PvP Protectors/ Enablers

Have you ever wanted to make a PvP arena but don't want to make your entire world PvP? Or have you ever wanted to make a peaceful zone/ no man's land in the middle of your PvP world? Well, now you can if you vote for my idea! PvP pros/enablers are prote...