Popular ideas

Music Box!

This music box well help you out when you need music for a party or for chillax When you click the music Box just type in the music you WANT to HERE and IT might apear just like YouTube! -CheesePuffs.


Have a protected world? Want people to build without having to member them or remove the worlds protection? The un-protector is just the item needed! This device could be used to make a range space in a protected useable so someone could build in it wit...

Every tuesday you earn 2 dirrerent clothes and 100 crowns and cloth sets :)

Every Tuesday after noon, or morning you earn 2 different clothes and 100 crowns and a cloth set for being on time it would be amazing for pros.

Introducing New Mobs ever so Often

Most of us know the background of deepworld and how the human race is nearly extinct in the story. Well, what if every other month or so we added a new mob that is rare? But the environment is becoming more stable. (It could also fluctuate and get worse...

Today is your lucky day^_^

Everyday you earn 50 crowns and 2 clothes sets :3 only because some people cant buy stuff ^_^. Please Vote. -.king.-

Extremely rare, habitable world.

As most of us know, there are new worlds created daily, and we also know that the main principal of a toxic world is to purify it. Well, once every three months, a new world will spawn that has the status "Habitable". Worlds that have this status could ...

Star Wars Vehicles

Too slow walking and flying around? With the help of these vehicles, not anymore! There would be X-Wing Fighters, At-At Walkers, (and my personal idea) snake-like digging vehicle that collects dirt, minerals, and shoots enemies my manual! Each individua...

M O R E F O O D ! !

I think that there should be more foods added to the game instead of jerky. Like burgers, pizza . bacon , ice-cream , candy and etc

I wish there were new items,new blocks,new worlds, new weapons, and new clothing

You know, we need newer things, such as worlds,weapons,items,and more, I was like, Oh boy A water world, that didn't happen, and that confetti bazooka, didn't appear in the game, or what about those other items that were never released, they look cool, ...

Sprays? (Spray painting)

For ios and pc you should be able to use sprays. To craft it you need a canister and 2 metal. To use it you need to tap it double click it you will be sent to your file explorer or photos. just input a photo or jpg file and watch the magic happen.

Bring Back The old Layout

The game was much simpler when the old textures were still there, I kind of still like the old Graphics better than the new ones, The new graphics make my eyes hurt.

Guild Wars

They're could be points for winning wars and then a leaderboard with the guilds with the most points.

Password Protector

There needs to be a better way of protecting your account, or in better words, your password. You may not think it, but there are some people out there who purposely GIVE OUT there password to someone (usually an account swap-- which are scams by the wa...

Shotguns in Deepworld?

For a example a "Bluder-bust" can be a three bullet spread, short range, slightly higher damage then musket but reloading speed is low, and every mk upgrade can have a extra bullet with neat a weapon design. Even though this idea may be over the level o...

Loot Sharing

Loot Sharing- what I mean is, if people are mining or fighting together, and they come across a chest- they all want it. But at the moment the early birds gets the worm- maybe if there are other people say, 10 meters away from the other when they open t...