Popular ideas

Different kind of daily loot!

everyone knows about daily loot, collecting exp for the loot of a mech chest. there could be another loot, where if you play deepworld for 5 days (not collecting loot from android) you get the loot of 2 mechanical chests.

Power weapons!

power weapons are upgraded pistols or muskets that can be crafted with the needed materials to build a normal pistol or musket but requires 2 red crystals as well, and instead of shooting bullets they shoot.... LAZERS!!!!! The power weapons have a mk i...

New pet terrapus!

how about when you use a pet terrapus egg, instead of getting one kind of pet, you have a chance of getting a pet baby terrapus, a pet lava terrapus, a pet acid terrapus or even a pet arctic one if you use it on arctic worlds. it would most definatly ad...

Add it to android for free

Don't make us have to pay but add it to android cause I put money into the game and I would apricot it if I could play it on my phone again .thank u for listening

Mod worlds!?!

Make mod worlds and if you want one buy it in the crown shop there would be tornadoes and dinosaurs!!!

Premium should be able to toggle the ad block when going between worlds

Almost everyone with premium(or friends with premium) know that it adds a ad block, so ads dont appear when travelling from world to world. for some players this is their only way of getting crowns, and its hard to get enough crowns with the get free cr...

Stuffie And Pinned Bug Bunks

If you vote for me you will get Stuffy and pinned bug bunks Hell YA who wouldn't want that!!! They have bunks for heads and paints but why not stuffies and pinned bugs? I think it will be a GREAT idea it will defiantly make Deepworld more fun but inste...

Amazonite a object rarer than onyx(10 onyx) and is super duper hard to find

Its only found in deep world s and should have a 10% chance of being in a deepwrold

login bonus

log in for crowns and you get them every time you log in and they go up every time you log in so please add this too deepworld it would help everyone out!!!!

Setting a Spawnpoint.

What annoys me is that I can't set a specific spot for my character to respawn at. Since this game was inspired by Minecraft, why not make it so that you can set your spawnpoint by clicking on a bed. If the bed is destroyed, the spawnpoint for you is re...

New update to android

Lots of people have androids and not an apple divice. So put depworld on android

Medusa Mounted head and Stuffs !

hope you know what Medusa head is a mounted head that can only be found in the desert biomes and it's pretty rare in a jackople head rarity . And also , put a Ghost in a Bottle that is 3 blocks vertically and 2 blocks wide , and Ghost ship in a bottle ,...

Deepworld for Android!!??

Well lots of ppl are sad because they can only play Deepworld on IOS and PC so I think it would be more fair if it was also for Android. Thank you for your time!

New Materials

This idea is for new materials in deepworld (to make new things) and make the game better

Flax Backdrop

Wouldn't it be cool to have vines, moss, and grassy themed back drop? well the answer is "Yes, it would be cool." So that is what flax backdrop is for. As you can guess, it is made with flax, and when you make something with flax, it usually looks cool....