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if you have lots of friends and you want a sertion amount of people on it you can can if you have other people living in a nother house they can not come over and brake what they want so it is like a invite on a sertion protector

What if there's Gold ? -AcetheGamer

I came Curious why most game have Gold but deepworld is not but try put gold in the game so that players will have something shiny and gold Assecrioses (missed spelled) that word and maybe tools,exo, and more !

Redcoats and the minutemen clothes

Wouldn't it be cool if we still have America 1777's clothing that could match the muskets and the tea oh yes it could so why not make colonist clothing like the american rebels and the British empire army's clothes

Automaton Biome

A biome filled with lots of automata and metals. Has lots of dungeons and almost no dirt. Mostly metals. Also could have a new type of dungeon like an automata dungeon.

Melee weapons and Such

Add in Onyx Knife that players can interact with Swords types , like Onyx Daggers....

Gernades you can throw

You now like the classic gernades you see in the past when it's just a rope and a ball full of gunpowder why not make one of those that has a throwing ability, like angry birds, when you pull it aims where you throw

Messaging the whole guild

Can their be a option to give events or gaint news through out your guild so you don't have to message everyone at a time

Plasma Pistols and Plasma Cannons ?

Plasma pistols/Cannons needs more power in deepworld to defend ourselves from dangers below us . It's will look similar to energy cannons but more powerful and comfortable to use against brains and other types of mobs . and Please add to the crown shop ...

Timer for how many days/hours left to be unmuted, unbanned and karma lock removed.

This may sound a bit stupid and controversial, but I'm only suggesting so people could see or think about it. Anyways, in the end, this idea wouldn't be upvoted for a reason. Cheers.

Mining Drill ? In the next update ?

Mining drills such as Regular to Onyx Drills will be more easy to mine deeper and faster than Orinary pickaxe :D as we used before ,whatsoever. And maybe Capable for The Ocean Biomes as well .

A crown a week keeps the noobs away.

This would keep all the ragers from being all "AHHHHHHHHH GIMME YOUR CROWNS >:c".


We must add a picture of the illusive ultra rare, golden, Pepe. This can be shown as a painting and will be the rarest item in deep world. Rarer than onyx. Rarer than a brass thrown. This is the ultra rare, golden Pepe. If you agree and please like this...

Maybe when you reach another crow you will get like 100 crowns?

Its too unfair for people trying hard to get to the next crow or getting into the crow.

Lucky blocks

Can their be a lucky block that has a chance to spawn both good or bad luck (not your skills) like almost anything in the game