Popular ideas

Add things!

Make it so you can make only i privet world for player and add stud like furnes chests,beralls,ect to open and store things, add lazer guns :) and lazer swords .btw can u add durability on some things and crafting table or workbench cause i tired to kee...

Find onyx cloths in chests

To find onyx cloths in chests to get u a beter palyer and if your poor u dont have t pay

Add mk4 and mk5 guns and add new types of guns like shotguns or machineguns

Add mk4 and mk5 guns and add new types of guns like shotguns or machineguns

Mk 4 and Mk 5

I love Mk 3 but deepworld could have more op guns in it like an energy cannon with mk 5 that could destroy noobs in pvp

Season Biom

The seasons could change according to the time of year and would be awesome for free accouters. Could get more people playing knowing that they could get cooler stuff easier. Plz take acceptance and VOTE!!!!

A free Private world for level 20 and above.

Hate Newbs / Noobs destroying your stuff? Now they won't once you have your own Private World for free! ( Only 1 ) Come on Vote it!

Mounting animals

Mounts that you can ride on and helps u in combat like imagine riding a brain or a bird which ofcoarse the beast will be tamed so even if u get off the animal it follows you

Jukeboxes! So we can play music!

There can be a new, craftable item called "Jukebox" so we can access it and play some tunes! (There has to be a setting where people can't play inappropriate/offensive music though) but I think it's a great Idea and I hope you think so too! :) -Bravo

future biome

A new biome with flying vehichels,hitech houses,dungeons full of cyborgs not brains,and guns like lazer gunz,lazer sword,and clothes like iron man to be like a future,and creatures that is robot terrapus that have lazer.:) plz vote

Birthday Crowns

You'll type in your birthday, then every year on the date you put in you will receive 150 crowns i think this is a great idea because you should be rewarded for every year you play this great game.

Get 70 crowns if you play an hour each day in a week

Everybody needs crowns to get good stuff but you also need to play a lot to get good stuff so why not get some crowns for being active? And then you cant just go online and play for a minute each day but you have to play an hour total and you get a mes...

Come out on android

Release Deepworld on android, its been years, I been playing this game for 3 years

You guys show make that we can trade clothes it will be amazing if you guys do it :)

It will change deepworld a lot and more people are going to join the game

They should allow: that every Friday free 200 crowns, cause people aren't getting crowns fast enough.

People aren't getting crowns (because most people aren't allowed to pay for crowns), fast enough so they will not like the game. We need more crowns faster so that people can play the game more often and acctually doo good things in the game.