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The update sucks

The update sucks bc the hat is way too low and I think they should change it back

Get rid of karma!!!

Come on devs, we deepworlders have life's too you know. Karma should be banned from its unnecessary deeds that "thinks" is doing the right thing. Basically the players who placed the blocks or other materials should have placed the protecters over it so...

How about getting DeepWorld running on the play store on androids and Samsung? (still waiting)

uhhh idk maybe i want to play on mobile while i'm on the road and don't feel like bringing the mess of a pc i have and also idk maybe i want to get friends to join in again due to the fact many have Samsung and also lots of the old player that i know ...

Jrassic Biome

It would have huge trees and new bosses like the T REX, and the Pterodactyl . Also they have a small chance of dropping fossil pieces. Please put this in the game if u want this in the game don't forget to like!

Add new monsters like skeletons and zombies

Cool plz approve jagger918 says so plz vote for this

Never Waste Your Precious Time Waiting Around In Your Store Ever Again! Introducing Tradebot

Ever wanted to spend more time doing more interesting things? Unfortunately, you're stuck in your shop, waiting for a player to trade you for that one thing you desperately need. The Tradebot is the solution you need. Example: Player123 has a purple ...

TradeBots for shops

Maybe if you set up a shop you can make a tradebot. It might take a long time to explain. So to craft a tradebot you need 5 brass 1 copper and a blue crystal. Once you place it, you drag an item to it and then this screen pops up asking what you'll take...

Trade close and emotes

If you can trade clothes and emotes that would be awesome so you don't need to spend crowns plus a money you can trade what we have for maybe even better stuff. Please vote thanks for your time

Space biome

It would be kinda like the hell biome and brain biome with the specific enimies and ores specific to that biome only

Maybe an easier trade system?

I dun know, i guess that the trade system's kind of confusing to newer players/ players that haven't played in a while. so yeh .3.

An extra button on the Maps screen so you can find where you've placed protectors

So the screen where you click to go to another world has all these different buttons for finding different biomes and experiences, what if there was another button that you could press to find out where you have placed protectors

Add an electronic biome

So there can be new enemies to kill and new items to collect but the world can have things to shock you like power outlets! And no liquid on it and background like eletronicy : )

More NPCs and Pets!

I think there should be more NPCs and pets in deepworld, like maybe people NPCs, different kinds of butler bots and androids, and more steampunk household pets. I have a page on the forums about this too. Check it out!

Make green yellow and more color crystal and make new biomes!

make new mobs and something better then onyx and inteligent android! From:XxAwesomeBenxX

Heavy weapons

Heavy weapons could be like weapons placed as blocks, that would be connected to a central computer in an. Structure, and controlled when entering that computer. Coupling this with moving object a of a certain size in the form of vehicles, you could cre...