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Heavy weapons

Heavy weapons could be like weapons placed as blocks, that would be connected to a central computer in an. Structure, and controlled when entering that computer. Coupling this with moving object a of a certain size in the form of vehicles, you could cre...

Jake Paul Merch

This merch will be selling like a god church. Only the people with the most swag could pull this off

Free onyx :D

The title says it all. A chest o' plenty full of 10 onyx to even out the economy a teensy bit

Multi item trades

One of the most common ways people get scammed is multi item trades. I've had it happen to me a couple times even. Well what if you could select multiple items to offer for another persons item? Please comment on my idea so I can get feedback. Thanks fo...

Prehistoric Biome

A Prehistoric Biome Would Be A Great Idea. Of Course It Doesn't Go With the SteamPunk Timeline but say that a time machine was made then we could go back to the Prehistoric Times And Adventure There And Watch Out For Small Meteoirs And Verse Big And Sma...

Make Clown Bombs Craftable

Be Able to Craft Clown Bombs so we can cause mayhem without actualy hurting anyone ... no promises xD

Black crystal

Like crystal this blends in mostly in deep biome earth it would be rarest crystal it does not glow but it would be worth 12-15 onyx

Volcano biome

lave lakes New crystals Exploding volcanos New ores black background

free onyx

give every free onyx everyday, give every free onyx everyday, give every free onyx everyday, give every free onyx everyday, give every free onyx everyday, hehe llmmzz

Please fix this bug, Whenever I was online I checked my pms and I had random ones from someone else's account

Deepworld needs to fix this bug ;/ I'm probably not gonna play much until it is completely fixed but thanks Deepworld ;D

World protector

It would simply be a protector, that looks slightly larger than a giga protector. It would only be able to be placed on worlds you own. It would not be affected by protectors already placed by others but it would be a way to revert your world to protect...

Free Crowns button on mac version

I don't know if this is a bug or not. I play using a mac and when i go to crowns, there is no free crown button. I really need crowns for the protectors for stuff i build. Could you plz fix. :) :)

In support with the protector icon idea

There should be a tab just like bookmarked worlds but for worlds you have protectors on

Defencives turrets for creatures

There should have at least some defences for those who try to have a safe home in their own world, or in public world. It could be a good idea for making what we want without being annoyed.

Shop stand

Craft a shop stand for 5 blues and 50 wood. It lets u sell items u stock on the shop for other players to buy using blue crystals. So u set a price and u don't have to be there to trade! Also diamond stands and onyx stands would be the same but using d...