Popular ideas

Recording button

They should make a record button so we can record. they would get more players from youtube and players would stay longer.

Lava biome

Lava lakes with new crystals and exploding volcanoes can you survive this biome?

New players start with a private "Small Temperate" biome.

Beginners should have the option for a small temperate world, due to the fact that new worlds become overpopulated quickly, and all the rarer resources taken by other players. This could possibly discourage new players from the game. So by having a priv...

More onyx bit more common

We spend days trying to find a onyx.If it was a bit more common you could find it a bit faster.Because some people think that a onyx is just two rare.

Guild chat

Its a normal chat box but made for people in the same guild

-Item Rarity Meeter-

There are people, especially Newbies that does not know how rare the item is exactly, thus usually leads to getting scammed. I suggest that Deepworld adds a way for players to know how rare exactly the item is, like adding a star rating depending on th...

1. cheaper worlds, 2. worlds as rare loot

I have 2 ideas. 1 is that all worlds will be a lot cheaper, like 350-400 crowns cheaper. And 2, there could rarely be loot where you get a free world of your choice. you must earn 5000 xp though, since its a good reward. This loot would be in mech chest...

Ban people that hack

When somone gets hacked they should say the hackers name and ban them

I suggest that a new pet to be added to the game cats and dogs are fun but what about a sea creature pet?

for example a shark or squid, something different to a land animal. I don't know just a suggestion -Ryan_123

Increase the spawn rate of blue crystals in the worlds

We should increase the spawn rate of blue crystals for those who start playing.When is started playing, i took several days to find blue crystals.I thinks its too long.Please excuse me for the spelling or for the words but i am French and i use Google T...

Add color chat changes

You will be able to change the color of your chat. It can cost crowns but not to expensive plz like 30-50 is okay

Craft able worlds

If you could craft private worlds as part of the new craft able world machines(coming soon), this would make sense because A. We don’t wanna spend US dollars on worlds B. Since every beginner might have a build reputation on some games like Minecraft,...

Add controller support.

Its not hard to do and would make controls easier on mobile.

Brain Bomb a bomb specifically made for the Tyrants themselves brain bomb does not affect your character does not blow up blocks just brains go in a dungeon BOOM!!! brain bomb kills a brain for you

maybe make it look like the tank on a brain. bomb only works on brains by killing or injuring them idk ive had this thought in my mind for a while now I think it would be kool :]

We Need To Make It So You Can Take Back Your account when you lose one

Ye cuz I lost a account with a notch and leg lamp and so on