Popular ideas


In the game you should be able to craft or buy a world claimer for example, when a world spawns randomly like an artic world thats not yours but the game spawns it you can claim it with an item that you place on the world when it is at least 75% or more...

World Items

World Items are extremely powerful, maybe they can transform ones world to nothing like a nuke or the biggest bomb US ever made. Maybe the world item could erase all data but erases the world item owners data too, maybe not the last one. BUT world items...

Deepworld needs a thing where you can tear multiple items at once

Scamming is a big part of deepworld. It will be great if we can add this and avoid scamming.

Make a globe for all the planets

Make a Venus, mercury, Jupiter, Saturn Uranus, and Neptune globe


New dance mode in deepworld! SHOOT DANCE, Make it free in the store when buying 100 crowns. What do you think of my idea? , Well, I love it: D

Daily Crowns

Everytime we play the game we get an amount of crowns each time we join the game once a day. For Example, Day 1: 10 Crowns, Day 2 20 Crowns, and so on and so on...