Newest ideas

Attack Skill Set

The attack skill set will give you higher damage to mobs and players in PvP worlds. It will also let you craft better weapons.

Mini Games [Game Obelisk] <br>

Mini Games can be a fun way to set up a sandbox style game with many combinations. To set up the objective, you can choose a game type, number of rounds, and the timer for each round. On the bottom of that interface will display the total amount of ti...

Onyx Achievements

Finding natural onyx is SO HARD! There should be an achievement for finding it a certain number of times. Maybe even two achievements!

Bomb Suppressors

There should be a device that prevents anyone from bombing within its radius. This would be useful in both protected and public worlds, due to various shenanigans being broken up by someone deciding to come in and kill everyone.

/map command

We all know how frustrating it is to be heading for a nice area of un-explored land. Only to find that it has already been explored! The developers have said that having real-time updates would make to much lag. A solution to satisfy both parties would...

Reinforced copper blocks

These have been among the most popular requests for building materials, a reinforced copper block. Much like reinforced iron and brass, a reinforced copper block would also be a great block to build with. Crafting one of such blocks would require a copp...

Ocean biome

A new biome filled with water, fish, coral, and other aquatic things would make Deepworld a 10,000-leagues worthy adventure. Let's get our harpoon guns ready and hunt some giant squids!