Popular ideas

Be able to switch between the old and new texture!

Due to all the controversy over how this texture is bad, and how the older players miss the old texture, maybe we can simply have some sort of switch or button to be able to switch between textures. (It can cost crowns, etc).

Sex in deepworld?

Theres a new emote in deepworld that you can have sex with other player and when you use this emote moans will be heard when using this

Interactive items

Make a conversation with androids and train the new android dog by double tapping to a menu popup with the things that you can do for interaction like -Talk to androids ...

Diamond & Onyx Android

Can be rarily looted from mech chests, Will give you better supplies, + Locates Dungeons and Bunkers

Some More Clothing

Here are more of clothing ideas: - White Suit (To look more fancy, but the cloth will also have to look a little ragged) - Zoo-Keeper Shirt and Shorts - Jacket(red) with a little opening and a dirty-white shirt inside. - More animal heads, o...

Crystal backdrop

I think it would be awesome if there was crystal backdrops. For example for each crystal you use you get 50 crystal backdrop of that color

My idea is to do a milti trades not got 1 trade in time soo no more HE SCAMMED ME lol do milti trades

My idea is for devs to creat an milti trade soo u dont get pepol say HE SCAMMED ME HHHHH BANN HIM PLS do a milti trade will be more fun

New color of Crystals

The new color of crystals are green yellow and rainbow. And the green crystals is not very rare but it is more rare than color blue and yellow is more rare than color violet and the rainbow color is the most rare crystals pls vote for the new crystal i...

Android app

You should be able to get deepworld on google play too. Not just the App Store

free players, more one biome!

when you are free player then you can play in one biome. but if there will be one more biome for free players. that will be awesowe! because free players have one biome and it is little bit boring.

Moving blimp's

If they make a moving blimp it can be easy for people to explore around and the blimp waste your steam and your steam will generate back to full and you can buy it from the shop and cost 400 crowns and please vote

Trade 2 items for 1

Have u got scammed before by trying to trade 2 things to get 1 well then vote for this so no one will get scammed any more

Add octopus crates

This would make a good thing because it would fight off brains and mobs for you so it sort of like a butler bot . But it comes from a crate and the only way to get it is to raid a dungeon or get it from trade. This message is brought to You by Culut...

Scale Multitrades

So far scales have no use but to sit there and look pretty and as many deepworlders are either scammed via multitrades or too afraid to do so, I think two players could put their offered items into a scale and if both agree with the trade they would cli...

my new idea is a onyx scanner and diamond scanner to find diamonds/onyxs

i really want a diamondand onyx andim a bit newbie soi really want a onyx bulter bot and derective so i need onyx