Newest ideas

Increase chances of finding all rares just a little. And make a market or guide for noobs for what is worth what to decrease scamming.

I think there should be a guide for noobs to know what is worth what so no one is scammed or the chances are decreased and I feel like the chances for finding rares are too low per world. Also I think each acting player should get 250 crowns (more or le...

Make a globe for all the planets

Make a Venus, mercury, Jupiter, Saturn Uranus, and Neptune globe

Create ads for deepworld = More players

Create ads for deepworld. We need more players in the community. The game needs to be updated constantly adding new features and fixing updates. As of today none of my friends or I can play because of an error message in the login and sign up menu.

World Items

World Items are extremely powerful, maybe they can transform ones world to nothing like a nuke or the biggest bomb US ever made. Maybe the world item could erase all data but erases the world item owners data too, maybe not the last one. BUT world items...

Deepworld needs a thing where you can tear multiple items at once

Scamming is a big part of deepworld. It will be great if we can add this and avoid scamming.


In the game you should be able to craft or buy a world claimer for example, when a world spawns randomly like an artic world thats not yours but the game spawns it you can claim it with an item that you place on the world when it is at least 75% or more...

Daily Crowns

Everytime we play the game we get an amount of crowns each time we join the game once a day. For Example, Day 1: 10 Crowns, Day 2 20 Crowns, and so on and so on...

We Need To Make It So You Can Take Back Your account when you lose one

Ye cuz I lost a account with a notch and leg lamp and so on

World editor

Allows the owner of the world to edit the world fast

Add controller support.

Its not hard to do and would make controls easier on mobile.

Getting Crowns for daily login

This idea is more Ideal than the popular 200 crowns for every sunday, what i want to say is that everyday that you logged in in deepworld you will get a specific Quantity of crowns and for every day that you logged consecutively you'll get a higher quan...

Craft able worlds

If you could craft private worlds as part of the new craft able world machines(coming soon), this would make sense because A. We don’t wanna spend US dollars on worlds B. Since every beginner might have a build reputation on some games like Minecraft,...

Changes to the color of the chat.

Changes to the color of the chat. Players will have the option to change the colors of the chat. This can cost crowns if you want but please not over 70.

Add color chat changes

You will be able to change the color of your chat. It can cost crowns but not to expensive plz like 30-50 is okay

Automa Biome!!

A new Automa biome with robotic themed textures etc. There would be extra metal ores in the ground, more mech chest dungeons, and Tons more random androids. Also exclusively automa would spawn from maws and area. Extra steam channels underground as well...