Newest ideas

We Need To Make It So You Can Take Back Your account when you lose one

Ye cuz I lost a account with a notch and leg lamp and so on

World editor

Allows the owner of the world to edit the world fast

Add controller support.

Its not hard to do and would make controls easier on mobile.

Getting Crowns for daily login

This idea is more Ideal than the popular 200 crowns for every sunday, what i want to say is that everyday that you logged in in deepworld you will get a specific Quantity of crowns and for every day that you logged consecutively you'll get a higher quan...

Craft able worlds

If you could craft private worlds as part of the new craft able world machines(coming soon), this would make sense because A. We don’t wanna spend US dollars on worlds B. Since every beginner might have a build reputation on some games like Minecraft,...

Changes to the color of the chat.

Changes to the color of the chat. Players will have the option to change the colors of the chat. This can cost crowns if you want but please not over 70.

Add color chat changes

You will be able to change the color of your chat. It can cost crowns but not to expensive plz like 30-50 is okay

Automa Biome!!

A new Automa biome with robotic themed textures etc. There would be extra metal ores in the ground, more mech chest dungeons, and Tons more random androids. Also exclusively automa would spawn from maws and area. Extra steam channels underground as well...

Brain Bomb a bomb specifically made for the Tyrants themselves brain bomb does not affect your character does not blow up blocks just brains go in a dungeon BOOM!!! brain bomb kills a brain for you

maybe make it look like the tank on a brain. bomb only works on brains by killing or injuring them idk ive had this thought in my mind for a while now I think it would be kool :]

Increase the spawn rate of blue crystals in the worlds

We should increase the spawn rate of blue crystals for those who start playing.When is started playing, i took several days to find blue crystals.I thinks its too long.Please excuse me for the spelling or for the words but i am French and i use Google T...

-Item Rarity Meeter-

There are people, especially Newbies that does not know how rare the item is exactly, thus usually leads to getting scammed. I suggest that Deepworld adds a way for players to know how rare exactly the item is, like adding a star rating depending on th...


New dance mode in deepworld! SHOOT DANCE, Make it free in the store when buying 100 crowns. What do you think of my idea? , Well, I love it: D

Guano Tools

Add the Guano Pickaxe, Shovel, Spade, and Steampack. In order to craft, you will need the platinum version of the tool and 10,000 guano.

Ways to get karma faster

Getting a karma punishment is really a pain, especially when you have to wait in-game for 1-2 days. Deepworld should add ways to get karma faster like trading with players (removes 30 minutes of karma) or giving new people rare items (crystals, diamonds...

Guild chat

Its a normal chat box but made for people in the same guild