Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
1097 accessories/abacus Abacus Abacus
1179 accessories/afterburner Afterburner Afterburner
1147 accessories/agility-brass Power Boot Power Boot
1148 accessories/agility-diamond Diamond Boot Diamond Boot
1149 accessories/agility-onyx Onyx Boot Onyx Boot
1011 accessories/aquapack-brass Aquapack Aquapack
1012 accessories/aquapack-diamond Diamond Aquapack Diamond Aquapack
1013 accessories/aquapack-onyx Onyx Aquapack Onyx Aquapack
1064 accessories/army-knife Survival Knife Survival Knife
1078 accessories/army-knife-diamond Diamond Survival Knife Diamond Survival Knife
1065 accessories/army-knife-onyx Onyx Survival Knife Onyx Survival Knife
1073 accessories/battery Battery Battery
1127 accessories/breathing-apparatus Rebreather Rebreather
1015 accessories/building-extender Construction Claw Construction Claw
1014 accessories/butler-extender Butler Charger Butler Charger
1048 accessories/clover Clover Clover
1079 accessories/compressor Power Compressor Power Compressor
1055 accessories/compressor-basic Compressor Compressor
1053 accessories/compressor-onyx Onyx Compressor Onyx Compressor
1052 accessories/conch Conch Conch
1192 accessories/dowsing-rod Dowsing Rod Dowsing Rod
1126 accessories/exo-skin Exo Skin Exo Skin
1054 accessories/flashlight-brass Brass Flashlight Brass Flashlight
1093 accessories/flashlight-diamond Diamond Flashlight Diamond Flashlight
1058 accessories/flashlight-onyx Onyx Flashlight Onyx Flashlight
1066 accessories/glove Mining Gloves Mining Glove
1094 accessories/glove-diamond Diamond Mining Gloves Diamond Mining Glove
1067 accessories/glove-onyx Onyx Mining Gloves Onyx Mining Glove
1049 accessories/horseshoe Horseshoe Horseshoe
1068 accessories/interface Automata Interface Unit Automata Interface Unit
1060 accessories/jetpack Steampack Steampack
1062 accessories/jetpack-brass Power Steampack Power Steampack
1069 accessories/jetpack-diamond Diamond Steampack Diamond Steampack
1061 accessories/jetpack-onyx Onyx Steampack Onyx Steampack
1072 accessories/key Key Key
1075 accessories/key-clown Clown Key Clown Key
1076 accessories/key-lizard Lizard Key Lizard Key
1077 accessories/key-skeleton Skeleton Key Skeleton Key
1239 accessories/lockpick Lockpick Lockpick
1016 accessories/makeup Makeup Kit Makeup Kit
1098 accessories/memory Android Memory Unit Android Memory Unit
152 accessories/memory-diamond Diamond Android Memory Unit
153 accessories/memory-onyx Onyx Android Memory Unit
1095 accessories/paintbrush Paintbrush Paintbrush
295 accessories/paintbrush-diamond Paintbrush Diamond Diamond Paintbrush
296 accessories/paintbrush-onyx Paintbrush Onyx Onyx Paintbrush
1047 accessories/pocketwatch Pocketwatch Pocketwatch
1050 accessories/pocketwatch-onyx Onyx Pocketwatch Onyx Pocketwatch
1071 accessories/program Butler Directive Unit Butler Directive Unit
1051 accessories/rabbitfoot Rabbitfoot Rabbit Foot
278 accessories/rake Rake Rake
279 accessories/rake-diamond Diamond Rake Diamond Rake
291 accessories/rake-onyx Onyx Rake Onyx Rake
1059 accessories/sand-dollar Sand Dollar Sand Dollar
1070 accessories/schematic Schematic Schematic
437 accessories/scope-brass Power Scope Power Scope
438 accessories/scope-diamond Diamond Scope Diamond Scope
439 accessories/scope-onyx Onyx Scope Onyx Scope
1046 accessories/seashell Seashell Seashell
333 accessories/shillings Shillings Shillings
1021 accessories/sprocket Sprocket Sprocket
1056 accessories/stopwatch Stopwatch Stopwatch
1096 accessories/t-square T-Square T Square
1129 accessories/toolbelt Toolbelt Toolbelt
1222 accessories/whistle-brass Brass Whistle
1223 accessories/whistle-diamond Diamond Whistle
1191 accessories/whistle-onyx Onyx Whistle
1022 accessories/widget Widget Widget
1063 accessories/zeppelin Zeppelin Zeppelin


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
0 air Air Air


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
1035 ammo/bullets Bullets Bullets
1036 ammo/gunpowder Gunpowder Gunpowder


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
1080 arctic/ice Ice Ice
1081 arctic/ice-brick Ice Brick Ice Brick
374 arctic/ice-sculpture-android Android Ice Sculpture Android Ice Sculpture
375 arctic/ice-sculpture-carriage Carriage Ice Sculpture Carriage Ice Sculpture
376 arctic/ice-sculpture-dragon Dragon Ice Sculpture Dragon Ice Sculpture
377 arctic/ice-sculpture-eiffel-tower Eiffel Tower Ice Sculpture Eiffel Tower Ice Sculpture
380 arctic/ice-sculpture-liberty Liberty Ice Sculpture Liberty Ice Sculpture
378 arctic/ice-sculpture-penguin Penguin Ice Sculpture Penguin Ice Sculpture
379 arctic/ice-sculpture-seahorse Seahorse Ice Sculpture Seahorse Ice Sculpture
381 arctic/ice-sculpture-swan Swan Ice Sculpture Swan Ice Sculpture
1084 arctic/icicle-1 Icicle 1
1085 arctic/icicle-2 Icicle 2
1086 arctic/icicle-3 Icicle 3
1087 arctic/icicle-4 Icicle 4
1088 arctic/icicle-5 Icicle 5
1083 arctic/snow Snow Snow
372 arctic/snow-brick Snow Brick Snow Brick Placeholder
1089 arctic/snowball Snowball Snowball
1091 arctic/snowball-large Snowball Large
1090 arctic/snowball-medium Snowball Medium
1092 arctic/snowman-face Snowman Face Snowman Face Placeholder


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
266 back/adobe Adobe Backdrop Adobe Backdrop
259 back/bloodstone Bloodstone Backdrop Bloodstone Backdrop
270 back/brass Brass Backdrop Brass Backdrop
257 back/brick Brick Backdrop Brick Backdrop
265 back/brick-blue Blue Brick Backdrop Blue Brick Backdrop
263 back/brick-mixed Mixed Brick Backdrop Mixed Brick Backdrop Placeholder
264 back/brick-tan Tan Brick Backdrop Tan Brick Backdrop
335 back/cobblestone-gray Gray Cobblestone Backdrop Gray Cobblestone Backdrop
336 back/cobblestone-tan Tan Cobblestone Backdrop Tan Cobblestone Backdrop
268 back/copper Copper Backdrop Copper Backdrop
273 back/cork Cork Cork
30 back/earth-brick Earth Brick Backdrop
602 back/glass Glass Backdrop Glass Backdrop
603 back/glass-divided Fancy Glass Backdrop Fancy Glass Backdrop
1082 back/ice-brick Ice Backdrop Ice Backdrop
267 back/iron Iron Backdrop Iron Backdrop
272 back/limestone Limestone Brick Backdrop Limestone Brick Backdrop
269 back/marble Marble Backdrop Marble Backdrop
299 back/paper Paper Paper
271 back/sandstone Sandstone Brick Backdrop Sandstone Brick Backdrop
256 back/scaffold Scaffolding Scaffolding
258 back/scaffold-decayed Decayed Scaffolding Decayed Scaffolding
32 back/scaffold-wood Wood Scaffolding Wood Scaffolding Placeholder
373 back/snow-brick Snow Brick Backdrop Snow Brick Backdrop
255 back/stone Stone Backdrop Stone Backdrop
300 back/wallpaper-1 Gold Damask Wallpaper Gold Damask Wallpaper
316 back/wallpaper-10 Vibrant Floral Wallpaper Vibrant Floral Wallpaper
317 back/wallpaper-11 Blue Lattice Wallpaper Blue Lattice Wallpaper
318 back/wallpaper-12 Space Wallpaper Space Wallpaper
301 back/wallpaper-2 Faded Floral Wallpaper Faded Floral Wallpaper Placeholder
302 back/wallpaper-3 Art Deco Wallpaper Art Deco Wallpaper
303 back/wallpaper-4 Blue Quatrefoil Wallpaper Blue Quatrefoil Wallpaper Placeholder
304 back/wallpaper-5 Chartreuse Damask Wallpaper Chartreuse Damask Wallpaper Placeholder
312 back/wallpaper-6 Red Damask Wallpaper Red Damask Wallpaper Placeholder
313 back/wallpaper-7 Blue Crab Wallpaper Blue Crab Wallpaper
314 back/wallpaper-8 Yellow Damask Wallpaper Yellow Damask Wallpaper
315 back/wallpaper-9 Pink Quatrefoil Wallpaper Pink Quatrefoil Wallpaper
260 back/wood Wood Backdrop Wood Backdrop
261 back/wood-panel Wood Panel Wood Panel
262 back/wood-panel-decorative Fancy Wood Panel Fancy Wooden Panel


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
14 base/drawing-danger Warning Graffiti Warning Graffiti
13 base/drawing-historical Historical Graffiti Historical Graffiti
12 base/drawing-modern Modern Graffiti Modern Graffiti
2 base/earth Earth Backdrop Earth Backdrop
15 base/earth-accent Earth Backdrop Accent
1 base/empty Empty
4 base/limestone Limestone Backdrop Limestone Backdrop
5 base/maw Maw
7 base/maw-plugged Plugged Maw
6 base/pipe Culvert
8 base/pipe-plugged Plugged Culvert
3 base/sandstone Sandstone Backdrop Sandstone Backdrop
10 base/vent Vent Vent
11 base/vent-cap Vent Cap
9 base/water Ocean


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
1287 bottoms/android Android Legs
1247 bottoms/aztec-skirt Aztec Skirt
1442 bottoms/brain Brain
1443 bottoms/brass Brass
171 bottoms/cheerleader-skirt Cheerleader Skirt
1386 bottoms/clown Clown Pants
1398 bottoms/diving-suit Diving Pants
1390 bottoms/dress-black Dress
1391 bottoms/dress-brown Dress
1395 bottoms/dress-green Green Dress
1392 bottoms/dress-navy Dress
1389 bottoms/dress-pink Pink Dress
1394 bottoms/dress-polka Polka Dot
1393 bottoms/dress-red Dress
189 bottoms/karate Karate
1397 bottoms/kilt Kilt
1249 bottoms/nineties Nineties
187 bottoms/pajamas Pajamas
1380 bottoms/pants-black Pants
1381 bottoms/pants-brown Pants
1420 bottoms/pants-camo Camo Pants
1384 bottoms/pants-dandy Dandy Pants
1382 bottoms/pants-navy Pants
1383 bottoms/pants-red Pants
1444 bottoms/plant Plant
1248 bottoms/plant-skirt Plant Skirt
1445 bottoms/reaper Reaper
1246 bottoms/reaper-skirt Reaper
1426 bottoms/royal Royal Pants
1446 bottoms/samaurai Samaurai
1282 bottoms/santa Santa Pants
1245 bottoms/trooper-skirt Trooper
1396 bottoms/tutu Tutu
188 bottoms/valkyrie Valkyrie
1447 bottoms/watermelon Watermelon
1441 bottoms/winter-skirt Winter Skirt


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
420 brain/pipe Neuron Neuron
423 brain/tank Brain Tank Glass Brain Tank Glass
421 brain/tank-base Brain Tank Base Brain Tank Base
422 brain/tank-brass-top Brain Tank Top Brain Tank Top


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
619 building/adobe Adobe Brick Adobe Brick
607 building/balloon Balloon Balloon
678 building/balloon-striped Striped Balloon Striped Balloon
616 building/bloodstone Bloodstone Block Bloodstone Block
639 building/bloodstone-column Bloodstone Column Bloodstone Column
650 building/brass Brass Block Brass Block
652 building/brass-reinforced Reinforced Brass Block Reinforced Brass Block
608 building/brick Red Brick Brick
629 building/brick-blue Blue Brick Blue Brick Placeholder
627 building/brick-mixed Mixed Brick Mixed Brick Placeholder
628 building/brick-tan Tan Brick Tan Brick Placeholder
634 building/bridge Metal Bridge Metal Bridge
635 building/bridge-block Metal Bridge Block Metal Bridge Block
503 building/bridge-rope-block Rope Bridge Block Rope Bridge Block
504 building/bridge-rope-end Rope Bridge End Rope Bridge End
505 building/bridge-rope-railing Rope Bridge Railing Rope Bridge Railing
683 building/bridge-stone Stone Bridge Stone Bridge
684 building/bridge-stone-block Stone Bridge Block Stone Bridge Block
685 building/bridge-stone-railing Stone Railing Stone Railing
680 building/bridge-wood Wood Bridge Wood Bridge
681 building/bridge-wood-block Wood Bridge Block Wood Bridge Block
682 building/bridge-wood-railing Wood Railing Wood Railing
936 building/candy-cane-block Candy Cane Block
661 building/chain Chain Chain
337 building/cobblestone-gray Gray Cobblestone Block Gray Cobblestone Block
338 building/cobblestone-tan Tan Cobblestone Block Tan Cobblestone Block
670 building/copper Copper Block Copper Block
692 building/copper-reinforced Reinforced Copper Block Reinforced Copper Block
604 building/crystal-blue Blue Crystal Block Blue Crystal Block
606 building/crystal-purple Purple Crystal Block Purple Crystal Block
605 building/crystal-red Red Crystal Block Red Crystal Block
654 building/door-brass Brass Door Brass Door
610 building/door-wood Wood Door Wood Door
31 building/earth-brick Earth Brick
665 building/fence-iron-1 Iron Fence Iron Fence Placeholder
669 building/fence-iron-2 Fancy Iron Fence Fancy Iron Fence
667 building/fence-iron-tall-1 Tall Iron Fence Tall Iron Fence Placeholder
668 building/fence-iron-tall-2 Fancy Tall Iron Fence Fancy Tall Iron Fence
636 building/fence-square Metal Railing Metal Railing Placeholder
671 building/fence-wood-1 Wood Fence Wood Fence
672 building/fence-wood-2 Fancy Wood Fence Fancy Wood Fence Placeholder
673 building/fence-wood-tall-1 Tall Wood Fence Tall Wood Fence
674 building/fence-wood-tall-2 Fancy Tall Wood Fence Fancy Tall Wood Fence Placeholder
640 building/gargoyle-falcon-front Front-Facing Falcon Gargoyle Placeholder
641 building/gargoyle-falcon-side Side-Facing Falcon
646 building/gargoyle-large-demon-front Gargoyle
647 building/gargoyle-large-demon-side Gargoyle
642 building/gargoyle-small-demon-front Gargoyle
643 building/gargoyle-small-demon-side Gargoyle
644 building/gargoyle-wall-front Gargoyle
645 building/gargoyle-wall-side Gargoyle
599 building/glass Glass Block Glass Block
663 building/hanger Hanger Hanger
660 building/iron Iron Block Iron Block
675 building/iron-reinforced Reinforced Iron Block Reinforced Iron Block
656 building/ladder-brass Brass Ladder Brass Ladder
500 building/ladder-rope Rope Ladder Rope Ladder Placeholder
612 building/ladder-wood Wood Ladder Wood Ladder
659 building/limestone Limestone Brick Limestone Brick Placeholder
653 building/mailbox Mailbox Mailbox
617 building/marble Marble Block Marble Block
618 building/marble-column Marble Column Marble Column
638 building/pedestal-bloodstone Bloodstone Pedestal Bloodstone Pedestal
637 building/pedestal-marble Marble Pedestal Marble Pedestal
609 building/pitch Pitch Pitch
679 building/plug Plug Plug
630 building/porcelain Porcelain Porcelain
662 building/post-iron Iron Post Iron Post
613 building/post-wood Wood Post Wood Post
620 building/roof Roofing Roofing
50 building/roof-brass Brass Roofing
51 building/roof-brass-edge Small Brass Roof Edge
52 building/roof-brass-edge-large Large Brass Roof Edge
623 building/roof-brown Brown Roofing Brown Roofing Placeholder
624 building/roof-brown-edge Small Brown Roof Edge Small Brown Roof Edge Placeholder
625 building/roof-brown-edge-large Large Brown Roof Edge Large Brown Roof Edge Placeholder
621 building/roof-edge Small Roof Edge Small Roof Edge Placeholder
622 building/roof-edge-large Large Roof Edge Large Roof Edge Placeholder
631 building/roof-spanish Spanish Roofing Spanish Roofing
632 building/roof-spanish-edge Small Spanish Roof Edge Small Spanish Roof Edge
633 building/roof-spanish-edge-large Large Spanish Roof Edge Large Spanish Roof Edge
501 building/rope Rope Rope Placeholder
502 building/rope-knotted Knotted Rope Rope Knotted Placeholder
658 building/sandstone Sandstone Brick Sandstone Brick
676 building/scarecrow Scarecrow Scarecrow Placeholder
655 building/staircase Staircase Staircase
1153 building/statue-bloodstone-1 Bloodstone Orator Statue Bloodstone Orator Statue
1154 building/statue-bloodstone-2 Bloodstone Huntress Statue Bloodstone Huntress Statue
1155 building/statue-bloodstone-3 Bloodstone Brain Statue Bloodstone Brain Statue
1156 building/statue-bloodstone-large-1 Bloodstone Scientist Statue Bloodstone Scientist Statue
1157 building/statue-bloodstone-large-2 Bloodstone Engineer Statue Bloodstone Engineer Statue
1158 building/statue-bloodstone-large-3 Bloodstone Adventurer Statue Bloodstone Adventurer Statue
1159 building/statue-bloodstone-large-4 Bloodstone Demon Statue Bloodstone Demon Statue
305 building/statue-figurine-1 Orator Figurine Orator Figurine
306 building/statue-figurine-2 Huntress Figurine Huntress Figurine
307 building/statue-figurine-3 Brain Figurine Brain Figurine
308 building/statue-figurine-large-1 Scientist Figurine Scientist Figurine
309 building/statue-figurine-large-2 Engineer Figurine Engineer Figurine
310 building/statue-figurine-large-3 Adventurer Figurine Adventurer Figurine
311 building/statue-figurine-large-4 Demon Figurine Demon Figurine
648 building/statue-gothic-front Gothic Statue Gothic Statue
649 building/statue-gothic-side Gothic Statue
1160 building/statue-marble-1 Marble Orator Statue Marble Orator Statue
1161 building/statue-marble-2 Marble Huntress Statue Marble Huntress Statue
1162 building/statue-marble-3 Marble Brain Statue Marble Brain Statue
1163 building/statue-marble-large-1 Marble Scientist Statue Marble Scientist Statue
1164 building/statue-marble-large-2 Marble Engineer Statue Marble Engineer Statue
1165 building/statue-marble-large-3 Marble Adventurer Statue Marble Adventurer Statue
1166 building/statue-marble-large-4 Marble Demon Statue Marble Demon Statue
615 building/stone Stone Block Stone Block
677 building/tinman Tinman Tinman Placeholder
657 building/trapdoor-brass Brass Trapdoor Brass Trapdoor
614 building/trapdoor-wood Wood Trapdoor Wood Trapdoor
626 building/weathervane Weathervane Weathervane
600 building/wood Wood Wood
601 building/wood-board Wood Block Wood Block
611 building/wood-decorative Fancy Wood Block Fancy Wood Block


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
1133 consumables/book-skill Skill Book Skill Book
1128 consumables/brain-wine Brain Wine Brain Wine
1134 consumables/canister Canister Canister
1136 consumables/cloak Stealth Cloak Stealth Cloak
1145 consumables/filet Filet Filet
1146 consumables/filet-fire Power Filet Power Filet
1099 consumables/gift Premium Gift Premium Gift
1057 consumables/heart Heart Heart
220 consumables/hot-chocolate Hot Chocolate
1131 consumables/jerky Jerky Jerky
1132 consumables/jerky-power Power Jerky Power Jerky
1125 consumables/name-change Name Change Name Change
1137 consumables/perfume Perfume Perfume
1193 consumables/premium-upgrade Premium Upgrade Premium Upgrade
1017 consumables/skill-reset Skill Reset Skill Reset
1130 consumables/tea Tea Tea
1135 consumables/teleporter Portable Teleporter Portable Teleporter
154 consumables/turret-upgrade-diamond Diamond Turret Kit
155 consumables/turret-upgrade-onyx Onyx Turret Kit Onyx Turret Kit Placeholder
1143 consumables/weapon-upgrade-diamond Diamond Weapon Kit Diamond Weapon Kit
1144 consumables/weapon-upgrade-onyx Onyx Weapon Kit Onyx Weapon Kit
1074 consumables/world-key World Key World Key


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
818 containers/android Android Crate Android Crate
805 containers/barrel Barrel Barrel
806 containers/barrel-tall Tall Barrel Tall Barrel
811 containers/barrel-windowed Mixing Barrel Mixing Barrel
800 containers/bucket Bucket Bucket
906 containers/cage Cage Cage
907 containers/cage-pet Pet Cage Pet Cage
815 containers/canned-food Canned Food Canned Food
819 containers/cat Cat Crate Cat Crate
801 containers/chest Chest Chest
803 containers/chest-industrial Industrial Chest Industrial Chest
802 containers/chest-large Large Chest Large Chest Placeholder
823 containers/chest-mechanical Mechanical Chest Mechanical Chest
824 containers/chest-mechanical-large Large Mechanical Chest Large Mechanical Chest Placeholder
804 containers/chest-plenty Chest of Plenty Chest Of Plenty
817 containers/crate-industrial-large Large Industrial Crate Large Industrial Crate
816 containers/crate-industrial-small Industrial Crate Industrial Crate
814 containers/crate-large Large Crate Large Crate
813 containers/crate-small Crate Crate
739 containers/dog Dog Crate Dog Crate Placeholder
577 containers/fertilizer Fertilizer Fertilizer
825 containers/flower-pot-brass Brass Flower Pot Brass Flower Pot
826 containers/flower-pot-clay Clay Flower Pot Clay Flower Pot
827 containers/flower-pot-glass Glass Flower Pot Glass Flower Pot
828 containers/flower-pot-porcelain Porcelain Flower Pot Porcelain Flower Pot
876 containers/jar Jar Jar
878 containers/jar-acid Jar of Acid Jar Of Acid
877 containers/jar-water Jar of Water Jar Of Water
808 containers/pandora Pandora's Box Pandora's Box
1477 containers/pet-bunny Pet Bunny
1476 containers/pet-crow Pet Crow
1478 containers/pet-skunk Pet Skunk
1475 containers/pet-terrapus Pet Terrapus
1479 containers/pet-vulture Pet Vulture
812 containers/sack-large Large Sack Large Sack
403 containers/sack-plenty Sack of Plenty Sack Of Plenty
810 containers/sack-small Sack Sack
411 containers/tin-wax Wax Wax
410 containers/vial-poison Poison Poison
809 containers/wine-bottle Wine Bottle Wine Bottle


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
426 desert/cactus-base Cactus Base
427 desert/cactus-mid Cactus Mid
429 desert/cactus-mid-left-large Cactus Mid Left Large
430 desert/cactus-mid-left-small Cactus Mid Left Small
431 desert/cactus-mid-right-large Cactus Mid Right Large
432 desert/cactus-mid-right-left Cactus Mid Right Left
433 desert/cactus-mid-right-small Cactus Mid Right Small
428 desert/cactus-top Cactus Top
443 desert/rock-large Rock Large
440 desert/rock-small Rock Small
441 desert/rock-tall Rock Tall
442 desert/rock-wide Rock Wide


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
1170 emotes/applaud Applaud
1171 emotes/beg Beg
1195 emotes/cheer Cheer
1172 emotes/dance-backflip Backflip
1187 emotes/dance-ballet Dance Ballet
1188 emotes/dance-cancan Dance Cancan
1173 emotes/dance-monkey Monkey
1174 emotes/dance-peanuts-1 Peanuts
1175 emotes/dance-runningman Running Man
1176 emotes/dance-singleladies Single Ladies
1177 emotes/dance-snoopy Snoppy
1189 emotes/dance-splits Dance Splits
1178 emotes/dance-swim Swim
1190 emotes/dance-worm Dance Worm
1196 emotes/dance-ymca Dance Ymca
1197 emotes/faceplant Faceplant
1186 emotes/faint Faint
1198 emotes/gasp Gasp
1199 emotes/hands-on-hips Hands On Hips
1226 emotes/hands-up Hands Up
1227 emotes/hang-head Hang Head
1180 emotes/high-five High Five
1228 emotes/hug Hug
1181 emotes/lie-ground Lie Down
1185 emotes/put-em-up Put Em Up
1182 emotes/sit-ground Sit Down
1183 emotes/tantrum Tantrum
1184 emotes/tip-hat Tip Hat
1229 emotes/wave Wave


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
1564 facialgear/3d-glasses 3d Glasses
64 facialgear/alien Alien
1236 facialgear/big-eyes Big Eyes
1562 facialgear/bird-skull Bird Skull
148 facialgear/black-glasses Black Glasses
1457 facialgear/blindfold Blindfold
1278 facialgear/brain-helmet Brain Helmet
150 facialgear/brass-knight-helmet Brass Knight Helmet
147 facialgear/brass-owl Brass Owl
1428 facialgear/brass-visor Visor
1214 facialgear/braveheart Braveheart
1213 facialgear/butterfly Butterfly
1215 facialgear/camo Camo
172 facialgear/chicken Chicken Wrap
1385 facialgear/clown Clown
1209 facialgear/earrings-hoop Earrings
1281 facialgear/elf Elf Ears
1458 facialgear/eyepatch Eyepatch
1565 facialgear/fencing Fencing
1216 facialgear/football Football
1242 facialgear/frankenstein-bolt Frankenstein Bolt
1210 facialgear/geordi Geordi
1455 facialgear/glasses Glasses
1342 facialgear/goggles Goggles
1456 facialgear/goggles-lab Lab Goggles
1566 facialgear/groucho Comedian
1369 facialgear/hazmat Hazmat
1388 facialgear/hockey Hockey
146 facialgear/hollywood-eyes Hollywood Eyes
1427 facialgear/hypnotic Hypnotic
298 facialgear/ice-queen-make-up Ice Queen Make Up
1459 facialgear/mad-scientist Power Goggles
1219 facialgear/makeup Makeup
1353 facialgear/masks/amon Amon
1354 facialgear/masks/batman Batman
1355 facialgear/masks/cat Cat
1356 facialgear/masks/comedy Comedy
1238 facialgear/masks/jack Skeleton
1357 facialgear/masks/lady-luna Lady Luna
1358 facialgear/masks/lone-ranger Lone Ranger
1359 facialgear/masks/majora Majora
1370 facialgear/masks/phantom Phantom
1371 facialgear/masks/pulcinella Pulcinella
1372 facialgear/masks/tragedy Tragedy
1373 facialgear/masks/turtle Turtle
1374 facialgear/masks/venetian Venetian
1343 facialgear/monocle Monocle
1237 facialgear/ninja Ninja
1378 facialgear/none None
1567 facialgear/paper-bag Paper Bag
1240 facialgear/pumpkin-head Pumpkin Head
1212 facialgear/rainbow Rainbow
149 facialgear/reading-glasses Reading Glasses
1563 facialgear/robo Robo
1220 facialgear/rouge Rouge
1429 facialgear/samaurai-mask Visor
1217 facialgear/scar-1 Scar 1
1218 facialgear/scar-2 Scar 2
297 facialgear/scarf-festive Scarf Festive
319 facialgear/ski-glasses Ski Goggles
332 facialgear/snowman-head Snowman Head
1211 facialgear/swirly Swirly
1346 facialgear/tattoo-1 Tattoo
1347 facialgear/tattoo-2 Tattoo
1348 facialgear/tattoo-3 Tattoo
1349 facialgear/tattoo-4 Tattoo
1350 facialgear/tattoo-5 Tattoo
1244 facialgear/vampire-teeth Vampire Teeth
1440 facialgear/winter-scarf Winter Scarf
1241 facialgear/witch-nose Witch Nose


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
1549 facialhair/anchor Anchor
1433 facialhair/beard-chin Beard Chin
1434 facialhair/beard-full Beard Full
1435 facialhair/beard-huge Beard Huge
1436 facialhair/beard-large Beard Large
1437 facialhair/beard-seneca Beard Seneca
1537 facialhair/boxer-beard Boxer
1550 facialhair/chin-strap Chin Strap
1551 facialhair/connected Connected
1547 facialhair/dali Dali
1548 facialhair/franz Franz
1545 facialhair/fu-manchu Fu Manchu
1540 facialhair/gamekeeper Gamekeeper
1432 facialhair/goatee-large Goatee Large
1431 facialhair/goatee-small Goatee Small
1438 facialhair/moustache Moustache
1439 facialhair/moustache-large Moustache Large
1430 facialhair/none None
1546 facialhair/old-dutch Old Dutch
1543 facialhair/pencil Pencil
1538 facialhair/pirate Pirate
1542 facialhair/plumber Plumber
1544 facialhair/soul-patch Soul Patch
1541 facialhair/winnfield Winnfield
1539 facialhair/wizard Wizard


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
1364 footwear/boot-heeled Heeled Boots
1461 footwear/brass-boot Brass Boot
173 footwear/cheerleader-shoe Cheerleader Shoe
1365 footwear/clown-foot Clown Shoes
1368 footwear/diving-suit Flippers
1366 footwear/pirate-boots Pirate Boots
1462 footwear/rain-boot Rain Boot
1460 footwear/reaper-boot Reaper Boot
1360 footwear/shoes-black Shoes
1361 footwear/shoes-brown Shoes
1362 footwear/shoes-navy Shoes
1363 footwear/shoes-red Shoes
1340 footwear/snakeskin Snakeskin
1367 footwear/snow-boots Snow Boots
1279 footwear/vampire-boot Vampire Boot
1448 footwear/watermelon-shoe Watermelon Shoe


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
693 furniture/airship-in-bottle Airship in a Bottle Airship In A Bottle
777 furniture/bathtub Bathtub Bathtub Placeholder
791 furniture/bed Bed Bed
792 furniture/bed-covered Canopy Bed Canopy Bed Placeholder
698 furniture/bidet Bidet Bidet
72 furniture/blueprint-boot-brass Brass Boot Blueprint Brass Boot Blueprint Placeholder
73 furniture/blueprint-boot-diamond Diamond Boot Blueprint Diamond Boot Blueprint Placeholder
74 furniture/blueprint-boot-onyx Onyx Boot Blueprint Onyx Boot Blueprint Placeholder
75 furniture/blueprint-butlerbot-brass Brass Butler Bot Blueprint
76 furniture/blueprint-butlerbot-diamond Diamond Butler Bot Blueprint
77 furniture/blueprint-butlerbot-onyx Onyx Butler Bot Blueprint
78 furniture/blueprint-clock-brass Brass Clock Blueprint Brass Clock Blueprint Placeholder
79 furniture/blueprint-clock-diamond Diamond Clock Blueprint Diamond Clock Blueprint Placeholder
80 furniture/blueprint-clock-onyx Onyx Clock Blueprint Onyx Clock Blueprint Placeholder
81 furniture/blueprint-compressor-brass Brass Compressor Blueprint
82 furniture/blueprint-compressor-diamond Diamond Compressor Blueprint
83 furniture/blueprint-compressor-onyx Onyx Compressor Blueprint
84 furniture/blueprint-dish-brass Brass Protector Blueprint Brass Protector Blueprint Placeholder
85 furniture/blueprint-dish-diamond Diamond Protector Blueprint Diamond Protector Blueprint Placeholder
86 furniture/blueprint-dish-onyx Onyx Protector Blueprint Onyx Protector Blueprint Placeholder
87 furniture/blueprint-exploder-brass Brass Exploder Blueprint
88 furniture/blueprint-exploder-diamond Diamond Exploder Blueprint
89 furniture/blueprint-exploder-onyx Onyx Exploder Blueprint
90 furniture/blueprint-glove-brass Brass Glove Blueprint Brass Glove Blueprint Placeholder
91 furniture/blueprint-glove-diamond Diamond Glove Blueprint Diamond Glove Blueprint Placeholder
92 furniture/blueprint-glove-onyx Onyx Glove Blueprint Onyx Glove Blueprint Placeholder
93 furniture/blueprint-gun-suppressor-brass Brass Gun Suppressor Blueprint
94 furniture/blueprint-gun-suppressor-diamond Diamond Gun Suppressor Blueprint
95 furniture/blueprint-gun-suppressor-onyx Onyx Gun Suppressor Blueprint
96 furniture/blueprint-holograph-brass Brass Holograph Blueprint
97 furniture/blueprint-holograph-diamond Diamond Holograph Blueprint
98 furniture/blueprint-holograph-onyx Onyx Holograph Blueprint
160 furniture/blueprint-knife-brass Brass Knife Blueprint Brass Knife Blueprint Placeholder
161 furniture/blueprint-knife-diamond Diamond Knife Blueprint Diamond Knife Blueprint Placeholder
162 furniture/blueprint-knife-onyx Onyx Knife Blueprint Onyx Knife Blueprint Placeholder
163 furniture/blueprint-mass-spawner-brass Brass Mass Spawner Blueprint
164 furniture/blueprint-mass-spawner-diamond Diamond Mass Spawner Blueprint
165 furniture/blueprint-mass-spawner-onyx Onyx Mass Spawner Blueprint
166 furniture/blueprint-mass-teleporter-brass Brass Mass Teleporter Blueprint
167 furniture/blueprint-mass-teleporter-diamond Diamond Mass Teleporter Blueprint
168 furniture/blueprint-mass-teleporter-onyx Onyx Mass Teleporter Blueprint
169 furniture/blueprint-scope-brass Brass Scope Blueprint Brass Scope Blueprint Placeholder
170 furniture/blueprint-scope-diamond Diamond Scope Blueprint Diamond Scope Blueprint Placeholder
191 furniture/blueprint-scope-onyx Onyx Scope Blueprint Onyx Scope Blueprint Placeholder
192 furniture/blueprint-spawner-brass Brass Spawner Blueprint Brass Spawner Blueprint Placeholder
157 furniture/blueprint-spawner-diamond Diamond Spawner Blueprint
194 furniture/blueprint-spawner-onyx Onyx Spawner Blueprint
195 furniture/blueprint-weapon-upgrade-brass Brass Upgrade Blueprint
196 furniture/blueprint-weapon-upgrade-diamond Diamond Upgrade Blueprint
197 furniture/blueprint-weapon-upgrade-onyx Onyx Upgrade Blueprint
198 furniture/blueprint-weather-machine-brass Brass Weather Machine Blueprint
28 furniture/blueprint-weather-machine-diamond Diamond Weather Machine Blueprint
29 furniture/blueprint-weather-machine-onyx Onyx Weather Machine Blueprint
770 furniture/bookshelf-tall Bookshelf Bookshelf
771 furniture/bookshelf-tall-full Bookshelf
799 furniture/brass-throne Brass Throne Brass Throne
796 furniture/brazier Brazier Brazier
254 furniture/butterfly-mounted-green Green Butterfly Green Butterfly
695 furniture/butterfly-mounted-monarch Monarch Butterfly Monarch Butterfly
275 furniture/butterfly-mounted-moth Moth Moth
276 furniture/butterfly-mounted-owl Owl Butterfly Owl Butterfly
274 furniture/butterfly-mounted-paper-kite Paper Kite Butterfly Paper Kite Butterfly
696 furniture/butterfly-mounted-papilio-ulysses Papilio Ulysses Butterfly Papilio Ulysses Butterfly
277 furniture/butterfly-mounted-rumanzovia Rumanzovia Butterfly Rumanzovia Butterfly
697 furniture/butterfly-mounted-swallowtail Swallowtail Butterfly Swallowtail Butterfly
793 furniture/cabinet Cabinet Cabinet
700 furniture/chair-a Chair Chair Placeholder
702 furniture/chair-a-side Side Chair Side Chair
701 furniture/chair-b Tall Chair Tall Chair Placeholder
703 furniture/chair-b-side Tall Side Chair Tall Side Chair Placeholder
704 furniture/chair-fine Fine Chair Fine Chair Placeholder
772 furniture/chair-plush Plush Chair Plush Chair Placeholder
761 furniture/clock-giant Giant Clock Giant Clock
798 furniture/companion-cube Companion Cube Companion Cube
755 furniture/daguerreotype-large Large Daguerreotype Large Daguerreotype
754 furniture/daguerreotype-small Daguerreotype Daguerreotype
706 furniture/davenport Davenport Davenport Placeholder
687 furniture/easel Easel Easel
688 furniture/easel-tall Tall Easel Tall Easel Placeholder
705 furniture/fainting Fainting Couch Fainting Couch
794 furniture/fireplace Small Fireplace Small Fireplace
795 furniture/fireplace-large Large Fireplace Large Fireplace
224 furniture/fountain Fountain
686 furniture/globe Globe Globe
760 furniture/grandfather-clock Grandfather Clock Grandfather Clock
776 furniture/hatrack Hatrack Hatrack
781 furniture/head-bear Bear Head Bear Head
782 furniture/head-cthulhu Cthulhu Head Cthulhu Head
780 furniture/head-deer Deer Head Deer Head
392 furniture/head-fish Mounted Fish Mounted Fish
394 furniture/head-jackalope Jackalope Head Jackalope Head
217 furniture/head-mammoth Mammoth Head Mammoth Head
395 furniture/head-predator Hunter Head Hunter Head
393 furniture/head-tiger Tiger Head Tiger Head Placeholder
396 furniture/head-zebra Zebra Head Zebra Head
783 furniture/keyring Keyring Keyring
807 furniture/map Map Map
763 furniture/marionette Marionette Marionette
129 furniture/market Market Converter Market Converter
63 furniture/mars Mars Mars
790 furniture/mirror Mirror Mirror
773 furniture/mirror-wall Tall Mirror Tall Mirror
62 furniture/moon Moon Moon
766 furniture/painting-alpaca Alpaca Alpaca
218 furniture/painting-autumn Autumn Autumn
786 furniture/painting-digdug Dig Dug Dig Dug
699 furniture/painting-gashlycrumb Gashlycrumb Gashlycrumb
797 furniture/painting-landscape Landscape Landscape
835 furniture/painting-leapquest Leap Quest Leap Quest Placeholder
219 furniture/painting-mayflower Mayflower
762 furniture/painting-northerners Northerners Northerners Placeholder
787 furniture/painting-notch Notch Notch
757 furniture/painting-outling Outling Outling Placeholder
788 furniture/painting-smasheroid Smasheroid Smasheroid
756 furniture/painting-son-of-man Son of Man Son Of Man
765 furniture/painting-surfer Stunt Surfer Stunt Surfer Placeholder
785 furniture/painting-une-pipe Une Pipe Une Pipe
39 furniture/park-bench Park Bench
768 furniture/pet-bowl Pet Bowl Pet Bowl
767 furniture/pet-carrier Pet Carrier Pet Carrier
384 furniture/pinned-bee Pinned Bee Pinned Bee
385 furniture/pinned-beetle Pinned Beetle Pinned Beetle
386 furniture/pinned-cockroach Pinned Cockroach Pinned Cockroach
387 furniture/pinned-dragonfly Pinned Dragonfly Pinned Dragonfly
388 furniture/pinned-millipede Pinned Millipede Pinned Millipede
389 furniture/pinned-preying-mantis Praying Mantis Pinned Preying Mantis
390 furniture/pinned-scorpion Pinned Scorpion Pinned Scorpion
391 furniture/pinned-tarantula Pinned Tarantula Pinned Tarantula
784 furniture/scale Scale Scale
758 furniture/shelf Shelf Shelf
759 furniture/shelf-end Shelf End Shelf End
764 furniture/ship-in-bottle Ship in a Bottle Ship In A Bottle
778 furniture/sink Sink Sink
99 furniture/solar-system-diorama Solar System Diorama Solar System Diorama
493 furniture/stuffed-android Stuffed Android Stuffed Android
689 furniture/stuffed-bear Stuffed Bear Stuffed Bear
494 furniture/stuffed-brain Stuffed Brain Stuffed Brain
495 furniture/stuffed-crow Stuffed Crow Stuffed Crow
690 furniture/stuffed-cthulhu Stuffed Cthulhu Stuffed Cthulhu
496 furniture/stuffed-panda Stuffed Panda Stuffed Panda
1225 furniture/stuffed-snowman Stuffed Snowman
497 furniture/stuffed-squid Stuffed Squid Stuffed Squid
691 furniture/stuffed-terrapus Stuffed Terrapus Stuffed Terrapus
774 furniture/table Table Table
779 furniture/toilet Toilet Toilet
775 furniture/wardrobe Wardrobe Wardrobe
789 furniture/wastebasket Wastebasket Wastebasket
769 furniture/wine-rack Wine Rack Wine Rack
839 furniture/wine-rack-large Large Wine Rack Large Wine Rack


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
666 ground/bedrock Bedrock Bedrock
412 ground/beehive Beehive Beehive
413 ground/beehive-hanging Beehive Hanging Beehive Hanging
559 ground/beryllium Beryllium Beryllium Placeholder
569 ground/beryllium-ore Beryllium Ore Beryllium Ore
664 ground/blackrock Blackrock Blackrock
556 ground/bloodstone Bloodstone Bloodstone
566 ground/bloodstone-ore Bloodstone Ore Bloodstone Ore
506 ground/bone-wall Bone Wall Bone Wall
540 ground/clay Clay Clay
541 ground/clay-1 Clay
542 ground/clay-2 Clay
543 ground/clay-3 Clay
544 ground/clay-4 Clay
545 ground/clay-5 Clay
546 ground/clay-6 Clay
547 ground/clay-7 Clay
548 ground/clay-8 Clay
549 ground/clay-9 Clay
507 ground/cobweb Cobweb Cobweb
550 ground/copper Copper Copper
560 ground/copper-ore Copper Ore Copper Ore
580 ground/crystal-blue-1 Blue Crystal Blue Crystal
581 ground/crystal-blue-2 Medium Blue Crystal Medium Blue Crystal
582 ground/crystal-blue-3 Blue Crystal
583 ground/crystal-blue-4 Large Blue Crystal Large Blue Crystal
54 ground/crystal-green-large Large Green Crystal Large Green Crystal
53 ground/crystal-green-small Green Crystal Green Crystal
594 ground/crystal-orange Orange Crystal Orange Crystal
584 ground/crystal-purple-1 Purple Crystal Purple Crystal
593 ground/crystal-purple-large Large Purple Crystal Large Purple Crystal
58 ground/crystal-rainbow Rainbow Crystal Rainbow Crystal
585 ground/crystal-red-1 Red Crystal Red Crystal
592 ground/crystal-red-large Large Red Crystal Large Red Crystal
56 ground/crystal-white-large Large White Crystal Large White Crystal
55 ground/crystal-white-small White Crystal White Crystal
57 ground/crystal-yellow Yellow Crystal Yellow Crystal
595 ground/deep-earth Deep Earth
597 ground/deep-earth-deep Deep Earth Deep
596 ground/deep-earth-mid Deep Earth Mid
598 ground/deep-earth-very-deep Deep Earth Very Deep
558 ground/diamond Diamond Diamond
568 ground/diamond-ore Diamond Ore Diamond Ore
512 ground/earth Earth Earth
515 ground/earth-compost Compost Compost
517 ground/earth-deep Earth Deep
509 ground/earth-disintegrating Disintegrating Earth Disintegrating Earth
519 ground/earth-dug Earth Dug Earth Dug
516 ground/earth-mid Earth Mid
528 ground/earth-rock Earth Rock
530 ground/earth-rock-big-1 Earth Rock Big 1
529 ground/earth-rock-wide-1 Earth Rock Wide 1
531 ground/earth-root-1 Earth Root 1
537 ground/earth-root-big-1 Earth Root Big 1
538 ground/earth-root-huge-1 Earth Root Huge 1
536 ground/earth-root-tall-1 Earth Root Tall 1
532 ground/earth-root-wide-1 Earth Root Wide 1
533 ground/earth-root-wide-2 Earth Root Wide 2
534 ground/earth-root-wide-3 Earth Root Wide 3
535 ground/earth-root-wide-4 Earth Root Wide 4
518 ground/earth-very-deep Earth Very Deep
451 ground/ectoplasm Ectoplasm Ectoplasm
454 ground/feathers Feathers Feathers
589 ground/fire-salt Fire Salt Fire Salt
588 ground/fire-salt-crystal Fire Salt Crystal Fire Salt Crystal
514 ground/flax Flax Flax
1601 ground/fossil-fish Fish Fossil Fish Fossil Placeholder
1600 ground/fossil-fish-buried Fish Fossil
1609 ground/fossil-mammoth Assembled Mammoth Fossil Assembled Mammoth Fossil
1608 ground/fossil-mammoth-buried Mammoth Fossil Piece Mammoth Fossil Piece
1607 ground/fossil-miner Assembled Miner Fossil Assembled Miner Fossil Placeholder
1606 ground/fossil-miner-buried Miner Fossil Piece Miner Fossil Piece
1611 ground/fossil-oldone Assembled One Fossil Assembled One Fossil Placeholder
1610 ground/fossil-oldone-buried Old One Fossil Piece Old One Fossil Piece
1613 ground/fossil-pterodactyl Assembled Pterodactyl Fossil
1612 ground/fossil-pterodactyl-buried Pterodactyl Fossil Piece
1603 ground/fossil-shell Shell Fossil
1602 ground/fossil-shell-buried Shell Fossil
1615 ground/fossil-trex Assembled T-Rex Fossil
1614 ground/fossil-trex-buried T-Rex Fossil Piece
1605 ground/fossil-trilobyte Trilobyte Fossil
1604 ground/fossil-trilobyte-buried Trilobyte Fossil
455 ground/fur Fur Fur
576 ground/geyser-large Large Geyser
575 ground/geyser-small Geyser
450 ground/giblets Giblets Giblets
590 ground/guano Guano Guano
552 ground/iron Iron Iron
562 ground/iron-ore Iron Ore Iron Ore
555 ground/lead Lead
565 ground/lead-ore Lead Ore Lead Ore
511 ground/limestone Limestone Limestone
557 ground/marble Marble
567 ground/marble-ore Marble Ore Marble Ore
591 ground/onyx Onyx Onyx
522 ground/petrified-wood-1 Petrified Wood 1
523 ground/petrified-wood-2 Petrified Wood 2
524 ground/petrified-wood-3 Petrified Wood 3
525 ground/petrified-wood-4 Petrified Wood 4
526 ground/petrified-wood-large-1 Petrified Wood Large 1
527 ground/petrified-wood-large-2 Petrified Wood Large 2
60 ground/platinum Platinum
59 ground/platinum-ore Platinum Ore Platinum Ore
553 ground/quartz Quartz
563 ground/quartz-ore Quartz Ore Quartz Ore
539 ground/resin Resin Resin
587 ground/salt Salt Salt
586 ground/salt-crystal Salt Crystal Salt Crystal
444 ground/sand Sand Sand
510 ground/sandstone Sandstone
456 ground/scorpion-tail Scorpion Tail Scorpion Tail
458 ground/snake-skin Snake Skin Snake Skin
570 ground/stalagmite-1 Stalagmite 1
571 ground/stalagmite-2 Stalagmite 2
572 ground/stalagmite-3 Stalagmite 3
573 ground/stalagmite-4 Stalagmite 4
574 ground/stalagmite-5 Stalagmite 5
513 ground/stone Stone Stone
554 ground/sulfur Sulfur Sulfur
564 ground/sulfur-ore Sulfur Ore Sulfur Ore
452 ground/terrapus-egg Terrapus Egg Terrapus Egg
453 ground/terrapus-egg-large Large Terrapus Egg Large Terrapus Egg
457 ground/terrapus-pet-egg Pet Terrapus Egg Pet Terrapus Egg
459 ground/turtle-shell Turtle Shell Turtle Shell
551 ground/zinc Zinc Zinc
561 ground/zinc-ore Zinc Ore Zinc Ore


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
1516 hair/back-bun Back Bun
1230 hair/balding Balding
1507 hair/boxer-hair Boxer
1400 hair/braid Braid
1529 hair/brat Brat
1505 hair/bride Bride
1520 hair/bruce Bruce
1401 hair/bun Bun
1511 hair/che Che
1235 hair/cornrows Cornrows
1415 hair/curly-long Curly Long
1414 hair/curly-medium Curly Medium
1413 hair/curly-short Curly Short
1534 hair/dame Dame
1512 hair/dapper Dapper
1531 hair/diva Diva
1515 hair/dj Dj
1412 hair/dreadlocks Dreadlocks
1521 hair/edward Edward
1506 hair/elvis Elvis
1532 hair/flair Flair
1527 hair/folk Folk
1232 hair/fringe Fringe
1513 hair/fringe-angled Fringe Angled
1410 hair/fro Fro
1525 hair/godfather Godfather
1524 hair/grease Grease
1504 hair/helmet Helmet
1510 hair/joker Madman
1502 hair/lady-burns Lady Burns
1530 hair/lady-slick Lady Slick
1234 hair/leia Leia
1404 hair/long Long
1403 hair/longish Longish
1422 hair/mad-scientist Unkempt
1405 hair/medium Medium
1501 hair/messy Messy
1408 hair/mohawk Mohawk
1411 hair/none None
1514 hair/pageboy Pageboy
1500 hair/pixie Pixie
1406 hair/ponytail Ponytail
1518 hair/poof Poof
1528 hair/pop-star Pop Star
1517 hair/pop-starlet Pop Starlet
1402 hair/pulledback Pulledback
1508 hair/rabbit Rabbit
1526 hair/rambo Rambo
1509 hair/scissorhands Scissorhands
1522 hair/secret-agent Secret Agent
1503 hair/shaved-sides Shaved Sides
1407 hair/short Short
1519 hair/slick Slick
1533 hair/soft-dreadlocks Soft Dreadlocks
1409 hair/spiky Spiky
1523 hair/superman Superman
1231 hair/tied-up Tied Up
1535 hair/wedge Wedge
1536 hair/windswept Windswept
1233 hair/winehouse Winehouse


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
116 haircolor/base-1 Base 1
117 haircolor/base-2 Base 2
118 haircolor/base-3 Base 3
119 haircolor/base-4 Base 4
120 haircolor/base-5 Base 5
121 haircolor/base-6 Base 6
122 haircolor/base-7 Base 7
123 haircolor/base-8 Base 8
124 haircolor/bonus-1 Bonus 1
125 haircolor/bonus-2 Bonus 2
126 haircolor/bonus-3 Bonus 3
127 haircolor/bonus-4 Bonus 4
128 haircolor/bonus-5 Bonus 5


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
1555 headgear/accident Mining Accident
1298 headgear/admiral Admiral
1556 headgear/aloha Aloha
1290 headgear/android Android
1418 headgear/antlers Antlers
1375 headgear/aviator Aviator
138 headgear/bandana Bandana
1450 headgear/baseball Baseball
1344 headgear/beanie Beanie
1288 headgear/beekeeper Beekeeper
1341 headgear/bonnet Bonnet
1451 headgear/bonnet-2 Bonnet
1335 headgear/bowlerhat-black Bowler
1336 headgear/bowlerhat-navy Bowler
1299 headgear/brain-hat Brain Hat
1272 headgear/brass-helmet Brass Helmet
1264 headgear/bright-idea Bright Idea
1291 headgear/bucket Bucket
1454 headgear/buckingham Buckingham
134 headgear/bunny-ears Bunny Ears
1345 headgear/cat Animal Hat
185 headgear/chicken Chicken Hat
130 headgear/christmas-tree-hat Christmas Tree Hat
1453 headgear/constable-hat Constable Hat
133 headgear/crow Crow
1424 headgear/crown Crown
1352 headgear/cthulhu Cthulhu
1269 headgear/dark-king Dark King
1268 headgear/dark-queen Dark Queen
1560 headgear/diablo Diablo
1376 headgear/diving-helmet Diving Helmet
1417 headgear/dunce Dunce
1271 headgear/earmuffs Earmuffs
323 headgear/earmuffs-cat Cat Earmuffs
322 headgear/earmuffs-hamburger Hamburger Earmuffs
324 headgear/earmuffs-sequin Fancy Earmuffs
325 headgear/earmuffs-strawberry Strawberry Earmuffs
1284 headgear/elf Elf
145 headgear/elven-circlet Elven Circlet
1553 headgear/fez Fez
186 headgear/flamenco Flamenco
1267 headgear/halo Halo
1266 headgear/headphones Headphones
1334 headgear/helmet Helmet
1552 headgear/helmet-camo Camo Helmet
1333 headgear/helmet-onyx Onyx Helmet
136 headgear/hibiscus Hibiscus
1265 headgear/ice-cream Ice Cream
1351 headgear/indy Indy
1416 headgear/jester Jester
183 headgear/karate Karate
135 headgear/kitty-ears Kitty Ears
141 headgear/kitty-hat Kitty Hat
144 headgear/knight-helmet Knight Helmet
1559 headgear/lampshade Lampshade
1452 headgear/mad-hatter Mad Hatter
1423 headgear/mad-scientist Thinking Cap
1270 headgear/magician-hat Magician Hat
137 headgear/mudder Mudder
1297 headgear/mystic Mystic
143 headgear/nessie Nessie
1338 headgear/newsie-hat-brown Newsie
1337 headgear/newsie-hat-gray Newsie
1330 headgear/none None
182 headgear/pajamas Pajamas
1387 headgear/panda Panda
139 headgear/paper Paper
321 headgear/papercraft Papercraft
1425 headgear/parka Parka Hat
1554 headgear/party Party Hat
1421 headgear/pirate Pirate
1273 headgear/plant-head Plant Head
1275 headgear/rain-hat Rain Hat
1274 headgear/reaper-hat Reaper Hat
1276 headgear/ribbon Ribbon
1283 headgear/santa Santa
131 headgear/shark Shark
132 headgear/snake Snake
140 headgear/sombrero Sombrero
1377 headgear/space-helmet Space Helmet
1289 headgear/terrapus Terrapus
1379 headgear/tiara Tiara
1558 headgear/tinfoil Tinfoil
142 headgear/tiny-top-hat Tiny Top Hat
1419 headgear/toad Toad
1331 headgear/tophat-black Top Hat
1332 headgear/tophat-brown Top Hat
1329 headgear/turtle-helmet Turtle Helmet
1561 headgear/umbrella Umbrella
1557 headgear/unicorn Unicorn
184 headgear/valkyrie Valkyrie
1277 headgear/watermelon-hat Watermelon Hat
1339 headgear/winter-hat-brown Northern Hat
320 headgear/winter-pink Pink Winter Hat


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
1010 hell/dish Infernal Protector Infernal Protector
1007 hell/expiator-exhaust Expiator Exhaust
1003 hell/expiator-face Expiator
1001 hell/expiator-frame Expiator Frame
1006 hell/expiator-gear Expiator Gear
1000 hell/expiator-pipe Expiator Pipe
1002 hell/expiator-tank Expiator Tank
1005 hell/expiator-tube Expiator Tube
1004 hell/expiator-tubes Expiator Tubes


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
461 holiday/candy-cane-large Large Candy Cane Large Candy Cane
460 holiday/candy-cane-small Candy Cane Candy Cane
382 holiday/christmas-lights-reindeer Reindeer Lights Reindeer Lights Placeholder
383 holiday/christmas-lights-sleigh Sleigh Lights Sleigh Lights
479 holiday/christmas-lights-white Festive Lights Festive Lights
414 holiday/coffin Coffin Coffin
225 holiday/cornucopia Cornucopia
478 holiday/door-festive Festive Door Festive Door Placeholder
463 holiday/gift-large Large Gift Box Large Gift Box
462 holiday/gift-small Gift Box Gift Box
464 holiday/gift-tall Tall Gift Box Tall Gift Box
222 holiday/gingerbread-house Gingerbread House
151 holiday/holly-garland Holly Garland
465 holiday/mistletoe Mistletoe Mistletoe
216 holiday/sleigh Sleigh
1224 holiday/snowflake Snowflake
466 holiday/stocking Stocking Stocking Placeholder
467 holiday/stocking-onyx Onyx Stocking Onyx Stocking
226 holiday/tree-charlie-brown Slightly Festive Tree
469 holiday/wreath-large Large Wreath Large Wreath
468 holiday/wreath-small Wreath Wreath


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
404 industrial/chain Heavy Chain Heavy Chain
405 industrial/chain-large Large Heavy Chain Large Heavy Chain Placeholder
402 industrial/conveyor Conveyor Conveyor
406 industrial/crane Crane Crane Placeholder
407 industrial/crane-base Crane Base Crane Base Placeholder
409 industrial/crane-base-large Large Crane Base Large Crane Base
408 industrial/crane-large Large Crane Large Crane
400 industrial/vat Vat Vat
401 industrial/vat-acid Acid Vat Acid Vat


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
1103 lighting/candle Candle Candle
1104 lighting/candlelabra Candelabra Candlelabra Placeholder
1008 lighting/chandelier Chandelier Chandelier Placeholder
240 lighting/fancy-lamp-1 Fancy Blue Lamp Fancy Blue Lamp
241 lighting/fancy-lamp-2 Fancy Red Lamp Fancy Red Lamp
242 lighting/fancy-lamp-3 Fancy Tall Lamp Fancy Tall Lamp
243 lighting/fancy-lamp-4 Fancy Beaded Lamp Fancy Beaded Lamp Placeholder
244 lighting/fancy-lamp-5 Leg Lamp Leg Lamp Placeholder
245 lighting/fancy-lamp-6 Butterfly Lamp Butterfly Lamp Placeholder
246 lighting/fancy-lamp-7 Globe Lamp Globe Lamp
247 lighting/fancy-lamp-8 Medieval Lamp Medieval Lamp
1101 lighting/floorlamp Floorlamp Floorlamp
1107 lighting/grow-lamp Grow Lamp Grow Lamp
1105 lighting/industrial Industrial Light Industrial Light Placeholder
1106 lighting/industrial-cord Light Cord Light Cord
1100 lighting/lantern Lantern Lantern Placeholder
1256 lighting/paper Paper Lamp
1102 lighting/streetlight Streetlight Streetlight
248 lighting/streetlight-triple Fancy Streetlight Streetlight Triple


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
101 liquid/acid Acid Acid
102 liquid/magma Magma Magma
100 liquid/water Water Water


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
339 machines/gun-suppressor Gun Suppressor Gun Suppressor
229 machines/gun-suppressor-diamond Diamond Gun Suppressor
230 machines/gun-suppressor-onyx Onyx Gun Suppressor
340 machines/holograph Holograph Machine Holograph World Machine
227 machines/holograph-diamond Diamond Holograph Machine
228 machines/holograph-onyx Onyx Holograph Machine
341 machines/mass-spawner Mass Spawner Mass Spawner
231 machines/mass-spawner-diamond Diamond Mass Spawner
232 machines/mass-spawner-onyx Onyx Mass Spawner
342 machines/mass-teleporter Mass Teleporter Mass Teleporter
235 machines/mass-teleporter-diamond Diamond Mass Teleporter
236 machines/mass-teleporter-onyx Onyx Mass Teleporter
343 machines/weather-machine Weather Machine Weather Machine
233 machines/weather-machine-diamond Diamond Weather Machine
234 machines/weather-machine-onyx Onyx Weather Machine


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
966 mechanical/beacon Beacon Beacon
842 mechanical/bomb Bomb Bomb
837 mechanical/bomb-acid Acid Bomb Acid Bomb
848 mechanical/bomb-clown Clown Bomb Clown Bomb
836 mechanical/bomb-dig Dig Bomb Dig Bomb
845 mechanical/bomb-electric Electric Bomb Electric Bomb
844 mechanical/bomb-incendiary Fire Bomb Fire Bomb
843 mechanical/bomb-large Big Bomb Big Bomb
838 mechanical/bomb-lava Lava Bomb Lava Bomb
508 mechanical/bomb-mega Mega Bomb Mega Bomb
917 mechanical/bomb-spawner Spawn Bomb Spawn Bomb Placeholder
918 mechanical/bomb-spawner-large Large Spawn Bomb Large Spawn Bomb
978 mechanical/bomb-suppressor Bomb Suppressor Bomb Suppressor
436 mechanical/bomb-water Water Bomb Water Bomb
820 mechanical/butler-brass Brass Butler Bot Brass Butler Bot Placeholder
821 mechanical/butler-diamond Diamond Butler Bot Diamond Butler Bot Placeholder
822 mechanical/butler-onyx Onyx Butler Bot Onyx Butler Bot Placeholder
474 mechanical/chemistry-set Chemistry Set Chemistry Set Placeholder
853 mechanical/collector Collector Collector
488 mechanical/compass Compass Compass Placeholder
490 mechanical/compass-burned Burned Compass Burned Compass Placeholder
489 mechanical/compass-dark Dark Compass Dark Compass Placeholder
491 mechanical/compass-icy Icy Compass Icy Compass Placeholder
492 mechanical/compass-sandy Sandy Compass Sandy Compass Placeholder
894 mechanical/composter-chamber Composter
895 mechanical/composter-cover Composter Cover
896 mechanical/composter-fuel-tank Composter Fuel Tank
897 mechanical/composter-input-tube Composter Input Tube
898 mechanical/composter-output Composter Output
899 mechanical/composter-turbine Composter Turbine
475 mechanical/control-panel Control Panel Control Panel
435 mechanical/control-panel-large Large Control Panel Large Control Panel
854 mechanical/dish Protector Protector
856 mechanical/dish-broken Broken Protector Broken Protector
866 mechanical/dish-competition-20 Competition Protector
869 mechanical/dish-competition-25 Competition Protector
1194 mechanical/dish-competition-5 Competition Protector
909 mechanical/dish-giga Giga Protector Giga Protector
855 mechanical/dish-large Large Protector Large Protector
857 mechanical/dish-mega Mega Protector Mega Protector
849 mechanical/dish-micro Micro Protector Micro Protector
930 mechanical/door Mechanical Door Mechanical Door Placeholder
949 mechanical/door-beefy Fancy Mechanical Door Fancy Mechanical Door
851 mechanical/engine Engine Engine
974 mechanical/exploder Exploder Exploder
852 mechanical/forge Forge Forge
480 mechanical/friend-parts-boxing-gloves Boxing Gloves Boxing Gloves Placeholder
481 mechanical/friend-parts-foot Automaton Foot Automaton Foot Placeholder
482 mechanical/friend-parts-gear Machine Gear Machine Gear
483 mechanical/friend-parts-head Automaton Head Automaton Head
484 mechanical/friend-parts-joint Automaton Joint Automaton Joint
485 mechanical/friend-parts-key Automaton Key Automaton Key Placeholder
486 mechanical/friend-parts-scissors Scissors Scissors Placeholder
850 mechanical/furnace Furnace Furnace Placeholder
886 mechanical/geck-cog-large Geck Cog Large
887 mechanical/geck-cog-small Geck Cog Small
883 mechanical/geck-hoses Geck Hoses
882 mechanical/geck-tank Geck Tank
881 mechanical/geck-tank-base Geck Tank Base
884 mechanical/geck-tree-base Geck Tree Base
885 mechanical/geck-tree-top Geck Tree Top
880 mechanical/geck-tub Purifier
861 mechanical/inhibitor Inhibitor Inhibitor
26 mechanical/lathe Lathe Lathe Placeholder
27 mechanical/loom Loom Loom Placeholder
24 mechanical/magnet-large Power Magnet Power Magnet Placeholder
25 mechanical/mill Mill Mill Placeholder
476 mechanical/mini-tesla Mini Tesla Mini Tesla Placeholder
860 mechanical/pipe Pipe Pipe
864 mechanical/pipe-iron Lead Pipe Lead Pipe
888 mechanical/platform Platform Platform Placeholder
858 mechanical/protector-enemy Dark Protector Dark Protector
865 mechanical/protector-enemy-epic Epic Dark Protector Epic Dark Protector
859 mechanical/protector-enemy-fancy Fancy Dark Protector Fancy Dark Protector
867 mechanical/rail Rail Rail Placeholder
927 mechanical/recycler-chamber Recycler
929 mechanical/recycler-gear Recycler Gear
928 mechanical/recycler-gear-base Recycler Gear Base
926 mechanical/recycler-pipe Recycler Pipe
925 mechanical/recycler-pipe-base Recycler Pipe Base
924 mechanical/recycler-tubes Recycler Tubes
973 mechanical/relay Relay Relay
962 mechanical/replenisher Replenisher Replenisher
473 mechanical/science-bulb Research Bulb Research Bulb
472 mechanical/science-gadget Research Pump Research Pump
471 mechanical/science-scrap Scrapbox Scrapbox Placeholder
967 mechanical/ship-wheel Ship Wheel Ship Wheel
694 mechanical/spawner Large Spawner Large Spawner
862 mechanical/spawner-admin Admin Spawner Admin Spawner
331 mechanical/spawner-brain Evoker Evoker
868 mechanical/spawner-small Spawner Spawner
840 mechanical/spikes Large Spikes Large Spikes Placeholder
841 mechanical/spikes-small Spikes Spikes
879 mechanical/stand Stand Stand
905 mechanical/steam-jet-large Large Steam Jet Large Steam Jet Placeholder
904 mechanical/steam-jet-small Steam Jet Steam Jet
908 mechanical/suppressor Suppressor Suppressor
931 mechanical/switch Switch Switch
939 mechanical/switch-large Large Switch Large Switch
948 mechanical/switch-large-fancy Reset Switch Fancy Large Switch Placeholder
996 mechanical/switch-large-timed Large Timed Switch Large Timed Switch
933 mechanical/switch-timed Timed Switch Timed Switch
893 mechanical/target-teleporter One-Way Teleporter One Way Teleporter
892 mechanical/target-zone-teleporter One-Way World Teleporter One Way World Teleporter Placeholder
890 mechanical/teleporter Teleporter Teleporter
965 mechanical/teleporter-mini Target Teleporter Target Teleporter
397 mechanical/teleporter-mini-diamond Diamond Target Teleporter Diamond Target Teleporter
398 mechanical/teleporter-mini-onyx Onyx Target Teleporter Onyx Target Teleporter
103 mechanical/telescope Telescope Telescope
1463 mechanical/template-capturer Prefab Constructor
1464 mechanical/template-connector-horizontal Template Connector Horizontal
1467 mechanical/template-connector-vertical Template Connector Vertical
1466 mechanical/template-fabricator Template Fabricator
1465 mechanical/template-planner Template Planner
999 mechanical/tesla-coil Tesla Coil Tesla Coil Placeholder
1243 mechanical/thinking-cap Programmer Programmer
470 mechanical/toolbox Toolbox Toolbox Placeholder
963 mechanical/touchplate Touchplate Touchplate
969 mechanical/touchplate-fancy Fancy Touchplate Fancy Touchplate Placeholder
964 mechanical/touchplate-finish Finish Touchplate Finish Touchplate
968 mechanical/touchplate-timed Timed Touchplate Timed Touchplate Placeholder
979 mechanical/touchplate-timed-fancy Fancy Timed Touchplate Fancy Timed Touchplate Placeholder
833 mechanical/trap-electric Electric Trap Electric Trap
870 mechanical/trap-mine Mine Mine Placeholder
498 mechanical/trap-mine-buried Buried Mine Buried Mine
938 mechanical/trapdoor-large Large Mechanical Trapdoor Large Mechanical Trapdoor Placeholder
937 mechanical/trapdoor-small Mechanical Trapdoor Mechanical Trapdoor
873 mechanical/turret-acid Acid Turret Acid Turret
37 mechanical/turret-acid-mk2 Acid Turret Mark II
38 mechanical/turret-acid-mk3 Acid Turret Mark III
875 mechanical/turret-dessicator Dessicator Dessicator
42 mechanical/turret-dessicator-mk2 Dessicator Turret Mark II
43 mechanical/turret-dessicator-mk3 Dessicator Turret Mark III
47 mechanical/turret-energy Gun Turret
48 mechanical/turret-energy-mk2 Energy Turret Mark II
49 mechanical/turret-energy-mk3 Energy Turret Mark III
872 mechanical/turret-fire Fire Turret Fire Turret
35 mechanical/turret-fire-mk2 Fire Turret Mark II
36 mechanical/turret-fire-mk3 Fire Turret Mark III
874 mechanical/turret-flame Flame Turret Flame Turret
40 mechanical/turret-flame-mk2 Flame Turret Mark II
41 mechanical/turret-flame-mk3 Flame Turret Mark III
44 mechanical/turret-frost Gun Turret
45 mechanical/turret-frost-mk2 Frost Turret Mark II
46 mechanical/turret-frost-mk3 Frost Turret Mark III
871 mechanical/turret-pistol Gun Turret Gun Turret
33 mechanical/turret-pistol-mk2 Gun Turret Mark II
34 mechanical/turret-pistol-mk3 Gun Turret Mark III
997 mechanical/typewriter Typewriter Typewriter
998 mechanical/vault Vault Vault
863 mechanical/wine-press Wine Press Wine Press
891 mechanical/zone-teleporter Spawn Teleporter World Teleporter


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
249 music/bass-drum Bass Drum Bass Drum
250 music/gong Gong Gong
251 music/harp Harp Harp
830 music/phonograph Phonograph Phonograph
832 music/piano Piano Piano
252 music/snare-drum Snare Drum Snare Drum
831 music/symphonium Symphonium Symphonium Placeholder
253 music/synthesizer Synthesizer Synthesizer


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
1150 parts/gun-barrel Gun Barrel Gun Barrel Placeholder
1152 parts/musket-stock Musket Stock Musket Stock
1151 parts/pistol-stock Pistol Stock Pistol Stock Placeholder


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
1202 prosthetics/brass-headset Brass Headset Brass Headset
1201 prosthetics/brass-legs Brass Exoleg Brass Exoleg
1200 prosthetics/brass-torso Brass Exotorso Brass Exotorso
1205 prosthetics/diamond-headset Diamond Headset Diamond Headset
1204 prosthetics/diamond-legs Diamond Exoleg Diamond Exoleg
1203 prosthetics/diamond-torso Diamond Exotorso Diamond Exotorso
1208 prosthetics/onyx-headset Onyx Headset Onyx Headset
1207 prosthetics/onyx-legs Onyx Exoleg Onyx Exoleg
1206 prosthetics/onyx-torso Onyx Exotorso Onyx Exotorso


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
424 rubble/bone-pile Bone Pile Bone Pile Placeholder
972 rubble/bones-large Bones Bones
971 rubble/bones-small Bones
977 rubble/brass Brass Scrap Metal Brass Scrap Metal Placeholder
976 rubble/copper Copper Scrap Metal Copper Scrap Metal
960 rubble/gravestone Gravestone Gravestone
961 rubble/hell-gravestone Hellish Gravestone Hellish Gravestone
975 rubble/iron Iron Scrap Metal Iron Scrap Metal
980 rubble/scrap-metal-1 Scrap Metal
989 rubble/scrap-metal-10 Scrap Metal
981 rubble/scrap-metal-2 Scrap Metal
982 rubble/scrap-metal-3 Scrap Metal
983 rubble/scrap-metal-4 Scrap Metal
984 rubble/scrap-metal-5 Scrap Metal
985 rubble/scrap-metal-6 Scrap Metal
986 rubble/scrap-metal-7 Scrap Metal
987 rubble/scrap-metal-8 Scrap Metal
988 rubble/scrap-metal-9 Scrap Metal
970 rubble/skeleton Skeleton Skeleton
940 rubble/stone-pile-1 Stone Rubble Stone Rubble
941 rubble/stone-pile-2 Stone Rubble
942 rubble/stone-pile-3 Stone Rubble
943 rubble/stone-pile-4 Stone Rubble
944 rubble/stone-pile-5 Stone Rubble
945 rubble/stone-pile-6 Stone Rubble
946 rubble/stone-pile-7 Stone Rubble
947 rubble/stone-pile-8 Stone Rubble
954 rubble/wood-1 Wood Rubble Wood Rubble
955 rubble/wood-2 Wood Rubble
956 rubble/wood-3 Wood Rubble
957 rubble/wood-4 Wood Rubble
958 rubble/wood-5 Wood Rubble
959 rubble/wood-6 Wood Rubble
950 rubble/wood-stake-1 Wood Rubble
951 rubble/wood-stake-2 Wood Rubble


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
1121 shields/acid Acid Shield Acid Shield
1120 shields/force Force Shield Force Shield


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
913 signs/brass-large Large Brass Sign Large Sign
903 signs/brass-small Small Brass Sign Small S Ign Placeholder
156 signs/checkpoint Checkpoint
912 signs/copper-large Large Copper Sign Large Copper Sign Placeholder
902 signs/copper-small Small Copper Sign Small Copper Sign Placeholder
915 signs/guild Guild Obelisk Guild Obelisk
911 signs/iron-large Large Iron Sign Large Iron Sign Placeholder
901 signs/iron-small Small Iron Sign Small Iron Sign Placeholder
919 signs/mechanical Mechanical Sign Mechanical Sign
199 signs/newton Newton Spawn
921 signs/note-scrawl Note
920 signs/note-wall Note Note
922 signs/obelisk Minigame Obelisk Minigame Obelisk
932 signs/obelisk-old Obelisk Old
934 signs/obelisk-spawn Spawn Obelisk Spawn Obelisk
953 signs/obelisk-waypoint Waypoint Waypoint
914 signs/plaque Plaque Plaque Placeholder
916 signs/plaque-landmark Landmark Plaque Landmark Plaque
399 signs/plaque-ruby Ruby Plaque Ruby Plaque Placeholder
923 signs/pvp PvP Obelisk Pv P Obelisk Placeholder
910 signs/wood-large Large Wood Sign Large Wood Sign
900 signs/wood-small Small Wood Sign Small Wood Sign Placeholder


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
104 skincolor/base-1 Base 1
105 skincolor/base-2 Base 2
106 skincolor/base-3 Base 3
107 skincolor/base-4 Base 4
108 skincolor/base-5 Base 5
109 skincolor/base-6 Base 6
110 skincolor/bonus-1 Bonus 1
111 skincolor/bonus-2 Bonus 2
112 skincolor/bonus-3 Bonus 3
113 skincolor/bonus-4 Bonus 4
114 skincolor/bonus-5 Bonus 5
115 skincolor/bonus-6 Bonus 6


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
353 tools/blunderbuss Blunderbuss Blunderbuss
354 tools/blunderbuss-mk2 Blunderbuss Mk2 Blunderbuss Mark Ii
355 tools/blunderbuss-mk3 Blunderbuss Mk3 Blunderbuss Mark Iii
365 tools/cane Cane Cane Placeholder
366 tools/cane-diamond Diamond Cane Diamond Cane Placeholder
367 tools/cane-onyx Onyx Cane Onyx Cane
69 tools/cane-platinum Platinum Cane Platinum Cane
350 tools/confetti-launcher Confetti Launcher Confetti Launcher
351 tools/confetti-launcher-mk2 Confetti Launcher Mk2 Confetti Launcher Mark Ii
352 tools/confetti-launcher-mk3 Confetti Launcher Mk3 Confetti Launcher Mark Iii
1031 tools/gun-acid Acid Cannon Acid Cannon
1110 tools/gun-acid-mk2 Acid Cannon Mark II Acid Cannon Mark Ii
1111 tools/gun-acid-mk3 Acid Cannon Mark III Acid Cannon Mark Iii
1038 tools/gun-energy Energy Cannon Energy Cannon
1123 tools/gun-energy-mk2 Energy Cannon Mark II Energy Cannon Mark Ii
1124 tools/gun-energy-mk3 Energy Cannon Mark III Energy Cannon Mark Iii
1042 tools/gun-energy-pistol Energy Pistol Energy Pistol
1019 tools/gun-energy-pistol-mk2 Energy Pistol Mark II Energy Pistol Mark Ii
1020 tools/gun-energy-pistol-mk3 Energy Pistol Mark III Energy Pistol Mark Iii
1032 tools/gun-flame Flamethrower Flamethrower
1112 tools/gun-flame-mk2 Flamethrower Mark II Flamethrower Mark Ii
1113 tools/gun-flame-mk3 Flamethrower Mark III Flamethrower Mark Iii
359 tools/gun-flame-pistol Flame Pistol Flame Pistol
360 tools/gun-flame-pistol-mk2 Flame Pistol Mark II Flame Pistol Mark Ii Placeholder
361 tools/gun-flame-pistol-mk3 Flame Pistol Mark III Flame Pistol Mark Iii Placeholder
1037 tools/gun-frost Frost Cannon Frost Cannon
1118 tools/gun-frost-mk2 Frost Cannon Mark II Frost Cannon Mark Ii Placeholder
1119 tools/gun-frost-mk3 Frost Cannon Mark III Frost Cannon Mark Iii Placeholder
362 tools/gun-frost-pistol Frost Pistol Frost Pistol
363 tools/gun-frost-pistol-mk2 Frost Pistol Mark II Frost Pistol Mark Ii
364 tools/gun-frost-pistol-mk3 Frost Pistol Mark III Frost Pistol Mark Iii
1030 tools/gun-steam Steam Cannon Steam Cannon
1108 tools/gun-steam-mk2 Steam Cannon Mark II Steam Cannon Mark Ii
1109 tools/gun-steam-mk3 Steam Cannon Mark III Steam Cannon Mark Iii
356 tools/gun-steam-pistol Steam Pistol Steam Pistol
357 tools/gun-steam-pistol-mk2 Steam Pistol Mark II Steam Pistol Mark Ii
358 tools/gun-steam-pistol-mk3 Steam Pistol Mark III Steam Pistol Mark Iii
1023 tools/hatchet Hatchet Hatchet
370 tools/hatchet-diamond Diamond Hatchet Diamond Hatchet Placeholder
371 tools/hatchet-onyx Onyx Hatchet Onyx Hatchet Placeholder
67 tools/hatchet-platinum Platinum Hatchet Platinum Hatchet
1034 tools/musket Musket Musket
1116 tools/musket-mk2 Musket Mark II Musket Mark Ii
1117 tools/musket-mk3 Musket Mark III Musket Mark Iii
1009 tools/net Net Net
368 tools/net-diamond Diamond Net Diamond Net
369 tools/net-onyx Onyx Net Onyx Net
68 tools/net-platinum Platinum Net Platinum Net
1024 tools/pickaxe Pickaxe Pickaxe
1027 tools/pickaxe-diamond Diamond Pickaxe Diamond Pickaxe
1025 tools/pickaxe-fine Fine Pickaxe Fine Pickaxe
1026 tools/pickaxe-onyx Onyx Pickaxe Onyx Pickaxe
61 tools/pickaxe-platinum Platinum Pickaxe Platinum Pickaxe
1033 tools/pistol Pistol Pistol
1114 tools/pistol-mk2 Pistol Mark II Pistol Mark Ii Placeholder
1115 tools/pistol-mk3 Pistol Mark III Pistol Mark Iii Placeholder
237 tools/rapier Rapier Rapier
238 tools/rapier-diamond Diamond Rapier Diamond Rapier
239 tools/rapier-onyx Onyx Rapier Onyx Rapier
71 tools/rapier-platinum Platinum Rapier Platinum Rapier
1039 tools/shovel Shovel Shovel
1040 tools/shovel-diamond Diamond Shovel Diamond Shovel
1041 tools/shovel-onyx Onyx Shovel Onyx Shovel
66 tools/shovel-platinum Platinum Shovel Platinum Shovel
1028 tools/sledgehammer Sledgehammer Sledgehammer
1043 tools/sledgehammer-diamond Diamond Sledgehammer Diamond Sledgehammer
1029 tools/sledgehammer-fine Fine Sledgehammer Fine Sledgehammer Placeholder
1044 tools/sledgehammer-onyx Onyx Sledgehammer Onyx Sledgehammer
347 tools/spade Spade Spade
348 tools/spade-diamond Diamond Spade Diamond Spade
349 tools/spade-onyx Onyx Spade Onyx Spade
70 tools/spade-platinum Platinum Spade
344 tools/speargun Speargun Speargun
345 tools/speargun-mk2 Speargun Mk2 Speargun Mark Ii
346 tools/speargun-mk3 Speargun Mk3 Speargun Mark Iii
1045 tools/tesla-club Tesla Club Tesla Club


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
1295 tops/admiral Admiral
1292 tops/android Android
1251 tops/aviation Aviation
1250 tops/brain Brain
1294 tops/brain-shirt Brain Shirt
1253 tops/brass Brass
1313 tops/camo Camo
1399 tops/camo-white Camo White
1310 tops/charlie-brown Charles T-shirt
179 tops/cheerleader Cheerleader
177 tops/chicken Chicken Shirt
1321 tops/clown Clown
1312 tops/coat-blue Coat
1304 tops/coat-red Coat
1305 tops/coat-yellow Coat
1307 tops/corset-basic Corset
1306 tops/corset-black Corset
1308 tops/corset-blue Corset
1328 tops/diving-suit Diving Suit
1221 tops/dress-pink Dress Pink
1286 tops/elf Elf
180 tops/flamenco Flamenco
327 tops/fur-coat White Fur Coat
328 tops/fur-coat-brown Brown Fur Coat
178 tops/geisha Geisha
1323 tops/i-heart-dw I Heart Deepworld
1316 tops/indy Indy
1322 tops/jacket-lady-green Jacket
1314 tops/jailbird Jailbird
175 tops/karate Karate
1327 tops/mad-scientist Mad Scientist
1252 tops/magician Magician
1293 tops/mystic Mystic
174 tops/pajamas Pajamas
1326 tops/parka Parka
326 tops/parka-orange Parka Orange
1324 tops/pirate Pirate
1325 tops/pirate-lady Lady Pirate
1311 tops/plaid Plaid
181 tops/plant Plant
1315 tops/polka Polka
1254 tops/prepboy Prepboy
1255 tops/prepgirl Prepgirl
1257 tops/rain Rain
1259 tops/rainbow Rainbow
1258 tops/reaper Reaper
1296 tops/royal Royal
1260 tops/samaurai Samaurai
1285 tops/santa Santa
1319 tops/suspenders Suspenders
1320 tops/suspenders-lady Suspenders Lady
1309 tops/tesla Tesla T-shirt
1262 tops/trooper Trooper
1300 tops/tuxedo Tuxedo
176 tops/valkyrie Valkyrie
1280 tops/vampire Vampire
1301 tops/waistcoat-gray Waistcoat
1317 tops/waistcoat-gray-lady Waistcoat
1303 tops/waistcoat-navy Waistcoat
1302 tops/waistcoat-reeses Waistcoat
1318 tops/waistcoat-reeses-lady Waistcoat
1261 tops/watermelon Watermelon
1263 tops/winter Winter
190 tops/xmas Xmas


Icon Code ID Title Wiki Page
499 vegetation/arctic-growth Arctic Growth
425 vegetation/cactus-small Cactus Cactus
708 vegetation/flower-amaryllis Amaryllis Amaryllis
707 vegetation/flower-amaryllis-bulb Amaryllis Bulb Amaryllis Bulb
712 vegetation/flower-asphodelus Asphodelus Asphodelus
709 vegetation/flower-asphodelus-bulb Asphodelus Bulb Asphodelus Bulb
203 vegetation/flower-bird-of-paradise Bird of Paradise Bird Of Paradise
202 vegetation/flower-bird-of-paradise-bulb Bird of Paradise Bulb Bird Of Paradise Bulb
724 vegetation/flower-birds-foot-trefoil Birds Foot Trefoil Birds Foot Trefoil
723 vegetation/flower-birds-foot-trefoil-bulb Birds Foot Trefoil Bulb Birds Foot Trefoil Bulb
205 vegetation/flower-cactus Cactus Flower Cactus Flower
204 vegetation/flower-cactus-bulb Cactus Flower Bulb Cactus Flower Bulb
728 vegetation/flower-carnations Carnations Carnations
727 vegetation/flower-carnations-bulb Carnations Bulb Carnations Bulb
732 vegetation/flower-coxcomb Coxcomb Coxcomb
729 vegetation/flower-coxcomb-bulb Coxcomb Bulb Coxcomb Bulb
734 vegetation/flower-delphinium Delphinium Delphinium
733 vegetation/flower-delphinium-bulb Delphinium Bulb Delphinium Bulb
207 vegetation/flower-echinacea Echinacea Echinacea
206 vegetation/flower-echinacea-bulb Echinacea Bulb Echinacea Bulb Placeholder
738 vegetation/flower-lobelia Lobelia Lobelia
737 vegetation/flower-lobelia-bulb Lobelia Bulb Lobelia Bulb
209 vegetation/flower-sunflower Sunflower Sunflower
208 vegetation/flower-sunflower-bulb Sunflower Bulb Sunflower Bulb Placeholder
211 vegetation/flower-trumpets Trumpet Flower Trumpet Flower
210 vegetation/flower-trumpets-bulb Trumpet Flower Bulb Trumpet Flower Bulb
753 vegetation/flower-tuberose Tuberose Tuberose
752 vegetation/flower-tuberose-bulb Tuberose Bulb Tuberose Bulb
711 vegetation/grass Grass
418 vegetation/jack-o-lantern Jack-O-Lantern Jack O Lantern
419 vegetation/jack-o-lantern-lit Lit Jack-O-Lantern Lit Jack O Lantern
741 vegetation/mushroom-acid Acid Mushroom Acid Mushroom
742 vegetation/mushroom-acid-tall Elder Acid Mushroom Elder Acid Mushroom
730 vegetation/mushroom-amanita Amanita Mushroom Amanita Mushroom
731 vegetation/mushroom-amanita-stalk Mushroom
743 vegetation/mushroom-anbaric Anbaric Mushroom Anbaric Mushroom
487 vegetation/mushroom-anbaric-elder Elder Anbaric Mushroom Elder Anbaric Mushroom
1167 vegetation/mushroom-apostate Apostate Mushroom Apostate Mushroom
445 vegetation/mushroom-apostate-elder Elder Apostate Mushroom Elder Apostate Mushroom
751 vegetation/mushroom-arctic Arctic Mushroom Arctic Mushroom
446 vegetation/mushroom-arctic-elder Elder Arctic Mushroom Elder Arctic Mushroom
748 vegetation/mushroom-chanterelle Chanterelle Mushroom Chanterelle Mushroom
1168 vegetation/mushroom-devils-cigar Devil's Cigar Mushroom Devil's Cigar Mushroom
749 vegetation/mushroom-hell Infernal Mushroom Infernal Mushroom
448 vegetation/mushroom-hell-elder Elder Infernal Mushroom Elder Infernal Mushroom
750 vegetation/mushroom-lava Lava Mushroom Lava Mushroom
447 vegetation/mushroom-lava-elder Elder Lava Mushroom Elder Lava Mushroom
744 vegetation/mushroom-morel Morel Mushroom Morel Mushroom
449 vegetation/mushroom-morel-elder Elder Morel Mushroom Elder Morel Mushroom
745 vegetation/mushroom-oyster Oyster Mushroom Oyster Mushroom
747 vegetation/mushroom-porcini Porcini Mushroom Porcini Mushroom
746 vegetation/mushroom-portabella Portabella Mushroom Portabella Mushroom
1169 vegetation/mushroom-shade Shade Mushroom Shade Mushroom
735 vegetation/mushroom-willow Willow Mushroom Willow Mushroom
736 vegetation/mushroom-willow-stalk Mushroom
740 vegetation/mushrooms-tiny Mushroom Mushroom
578 vegetation/pine-tree Pine Tree Pine Tree
579 vegetation/pine-tree-festive Festive Pine Tree Festive Pine Tree Placeholder
223 vegetation/pine-tree-festive-giant Giant Festive Tree
416 vegetation/pumpkin Pumpkin Pumpkin
417 vegetation/pumpkin-giant Giant Pumpkin Giant Pumpkin
415 vegetation/pumpkin-seeds Pumpkin Seed Pumpkin Seed
713 vegetation/shrub-a Shrub
714 vegetation/shrub-b Shrub
715 vegetation/shrub-c Shrub
716 vegetation/shrub-d Shrub
710 vegetation/shrub-dead Shrub Dead
717 vegetation/shrub-e Shrub
718 vegetation/shrub-f Shrub
719 vegetation/shrub-g Shrub
213 vegetation/tree-bonsai Bonsai Tree Bonsai Tree
212 vegetation/tree-bonsai-bulb Bonsai Tree Bulb Bonsai Tree Bulb
721 vegetation/tree-dead-roots-1 Dead Tree Roots
722 vegetation/tree-dead-roots-2 Dead Tree Roots
725 vegetation/tree-dead-top-1 Dead Tree
726 vegetation/tree-dead-top-2 Dead Tree
720 vegetation/tree-dead-trunk Dead Tree Trunk
215 vegetation/tree-hellish Ghost Tree Ghost Tree
214 vegetation/tree-hellish-bulb Ghost Tree Bulb Ghost Tree Bulb
434 vegetation/tumbleweed Tumbleweed Tumbleweed