100 Things To Do In Deepworld

Deepworld is a big place with lots to do! If you're not exactly sure where to go next, check out this handy guide for some ideas.

One Hundred Things To Do

  1. Get your Scavenger achievement by mining 20 different kinds of items.
  2. Build your first house.
  3. Forage for mushrooms (and get the Forager achievement if you can find them all).
  4. Visit a popular world.
  5. Loot some unprotected bunkers and get your Looter achievement!
  6. Make a friend and go exploring together.
  7. Find a Composter, make some compost, and set up a garden in a purified world.
  8. Join the forums and post some comments.
  9. Earthbomb someone by giving them 1000 dirt for Earthbomber achievement.
  10. Start a dance party.
  11. Find your first painting.
  12. Chop down at least 100 trees for Lumberjack achievement.
  13. Find all 7 Purifier parts to purify a world from acid rain.
  14. Go to a Market world and trade with other players.
  15. Upgrade your guns.
  16. Grow and cultivate 10 Flowers of each variety for Horticulturalist. achievement.
  17. Become a Premium player.
  18. Venture to every kind of biome.
  19. Trap 25 skunks or bunnies for Trapper achievement.
  20. Get at least 100 votes on your own landmarks for Architect achievement.
  21. Visit Butlerbot HQ in Pocklington and activate a Butler Directive Unit.
  22. Go to a PvP world and chase your Killer achievement.
  23. Visit Deepworld HQ and take on the Gauntlet.
  24. Raid your first Dungeon.
  25. Take a screenshot of something unusual and upload it to the Screenshot of the Day thread.
  26. Race some friends to the bottom of the map.
  27. Deliver ghosts in Hell.
  28. Join - or start - a Guild.
  29. Participate in an officiated PvP deathmatch.
  30. Coax an Android to stay at your house.
  31. Find all 7 Expiator parts in a hell world and activate it.
  32. Join a dress-up party.
  33. Go for a lava dive in Cravenfell and kill a revenant on the way down.
  34. Create and complete a parkour map.
  35. Receive free gifts from Androids.
  36. Let an Android craft figurines into statues for you.
  37. Vote on 25 landmark signs for Appraiser achievement.
  38. Submit an idea to the Ideas section of the codex.
  39. Get a full set Exoskeleton.
  40. Find your first natural Onyx.
  41. Join a Pandora's Box event and fight some baddies.
  42. Build a Switch & door puzzle maze.
  43. Help clear an entire world.
  44. Dig from top to bottom in a new world without dying or teleporting.
  45. Get a 20 kill streak without using any jerky in PvP.
  46. Complete all 40 achievements.
  47. Private message a player.
  48. Open your own Pandora's Box and contain the chaos yourself.
  49. Become inducted into the Order of the Crow.
  50. Participate in official Competition created by the developers.
  51. Become a Beta Tester.
  52. Purchase your very own private world.
  53. Win a Brass Throne!
  54. Be the first to kill a new mob!
  55. Obtain a Notch painting.
  56. Mine a million blocks!
  57. PvP a developer!