Accessories are items that enhance a player's abilities.

Some accessories must be equipped (placed in an accessory slot in the accessories bar of your inventory) to provide benefits. Other accessories provide no benefit by being placed in an accessory slot, but are useful in other ways. Still others are consumable accessories, meaning that when you use them, they disappear.

Accessories that provide additional points to corresponding Skills cannot be stacked. In other words, only one accessory will give benefits, even if the player has different types of the accessory or more than one of the same type. So, for example, if you have both the regular mining glove and the onyx mining glove, you can still only get a max enhancement of +3 points to your mining skill.

Equippable Items

Skill Bonus Accessories

Skill bonus accessories work by adding points to skills. Each skill has at least one accessory associated with it. Many skills have three versions of the same basic accessory, which provide 1 - 3 skill points.

Agility Skill:

Automata Skill:

Building Skill:

Combat Skill:

Engineering Skill:

Horticulture Skill:

Luck Skill:

Mining Skill:

Perception Skill:

Stamina Skill:

Survival Skill:

Other Useful Accessories

Purchase-Only Accessories

Although some of these accessories can be traded for, they are originally obtainable only by purchasing them from the crown store.

Non-Equippable Items

These items are found in the accessories tab of inventory, but do not need to be equipped in the Accessory Bar for use.

Purchase-Only Accessories

  • Makeup Kit: Extra customization options (cannot be traded)
  • Toolbelt: Adds extra accessory slots (cannot be traded)
  • Exoskeletons: Permanent enhancements (cannot be traded)


Some items in the Accessories section of inventory are things that you must consume in order to use.


Other Useful Consumables

Currently Unusable Accessories