Accessory Bar


The Accessory Bar is what holds your steampack and various other permanent skill- and character-enhancing items.

On v2, it's the horizontal row of items above your Inventory panel, and you access it by clicking on the suitcase icon in the upper right of your screen. Underneath the row of images are small round buttons: each of these represents a "page" in your Accessory Bar.

On v3, you access it by clicking on the Profile button in the upper left of your screen (looks like a stylized man with a tophat) and then clicking the button that says "Equipment." You'll see images of all your equipped accessories as well as information about how many accessories you can equip and what sort of bonus or enhancement each one offers.

Every player starts with 6 active slots. Each time you apply a skill point upgrade, brain wine, or skill book to your Stamina skill, you add an additional slot. You can increase the number of slots to 15 this way. Note that Stamina-enhancing accessories (seashell, horseshoe, conch) do NOT increase the number of accessory slots. By purchasing a Toolbelt, you can add an additional 5 slots, for a grand total of 20 possible slots.

How to Use

You can hold many accessories in inventory, but with a few notable exceptions, in order for an accessory to work, you have to equip it by dragging it from your inventory into an active slot in your Accessory Bar. Even though there are 20 slots you can drag things into, only accessories in active slots will work.

On v2, empty active slots display with a brassy yellow outline. A properly-equipped accessory will display with a green outline. An inactive slot will appear as a faded square with a small dot in each corner. You can drag things into such slots, but they won't equip.

On v3, the Accessory Bar panel will only display active slots. Since every displayed accessory is always properly-equipped, there's no need for the green outline. However, if you drag a non-epquippable item into a slot, it will display with a red outline.


  • The accessories you DON'T have to equip are the makeup kit and toolbelt.
  • Consumable accessories like canisters, jerky, weapon upgrade kits, etc., do not need to be in the Accessory Bar.
  • Accessories that you obtain (whether by trading, looting, or purchasing) will automatically attempt to equip themselves if you have empty slots in your Accessory Bar.
  • On v3, when you drag an item into the Accessory Bar, it will still show in your regular inventory. This is in contrast to v2, where if you drag an item from inventory to the Accessory Bar, it will appear only in the Accessory Bar.
  • If your Accessory Bar is full, you can drag an accessory onto an occupied slot. This will replace the existing item with whatever item you're dragging.
  • On v2, if you can't find an item in your inventory, and you're absolutely sure you have that item, be sure to check both your Hotbar and your Accessory Bar to make sure it didn't somehow end up in one of those places.
  • You can keep non-accessories in your Accessory Bar, but ... why would you want to?