Acid (the liquid) is an environmental block that damages the player on contact and over time. It is green in color and is found in many biomes as pools of liquid. (See also: Acid Rain.) Raising your survival skill level will reduce the damage acid causes, and raising stamina skill will give you more time that you can be in contact with it before dying. To protect yourself completely from liquid acid damage, you can use an exo skin.

How to Obtain

Usable liquid acid can be obtained from acid pools by using the "drain" command with an onyx butler bot or by placing an Acid Bomb. You can obtain decorative acid by placing a jar in a pool of acid, then mining it again, A Buttler Bot can also be used to transport it


Sometimes you can find acid mushrooms and elder acid mushrooms near pools of acid. There are no current uses for jars of acid. You can use the "dump" command with an onyx butler bot to dump collected acid to create protective moats around structures, death traps, or decorative structures.


Acid is one of three blocks that have liquid dynamics. (The other two are water and lava.) Being a liquid, it will flow and level itself when you dump it or dig the sides of the pool. You can destroy acid by filling it with earth.