Acid Shield


The acid shield is a handy accessory that you can equip to defend against acid projectiles. This includes acid rain in non-purified temperate worlds as well as attacks from acid turrets and acid terrapi. However it does not protect you from acid immersion. (For that, you'll need an exo skin.) In inventory, the acid shield appears in the Accessories section as a gold shield with a drop of green acid on the front.

How to Obtain

You can trade for it, craft it, or purchase the acid shield as part of the various packs in the store. It can also be looted with high enough luck.


Put it in one of your accessories slots. When properly equipped on an iOS device, a new green-colored shield icon will appear on screen. Click/tap on this icon and you will see a glowing field around your avatar. Click/tap on the shield icon to turn it off. On Mac, press and hold the X key to activate. When the shield is activated, it will consume steam.


The acid shield was one of the first accessories introduced into Deepworld in 2012.