Adobe Brick


Adobe Brick is a solid building block. It is one of the few items crafted in the game that utilizes dirt, giving your creations a distinct earthy"feel. You can find adobe brick in the Construction section of your inventory, where it looks like a square of large yellow bricks. An adobe brick occupies one square block and has full collision.

How to Obtain

This item can be crafted, traded for in a market world, or mined from naturally-generated structures in all biome types. Not surprisingly, desert worlds in particular have more adobe structures than other biomes. Note that mining a distressed version of this block will give you one earth, not an adobe brick.


Use it to build a traditional Egyptian pyramid or a wacky adobe airship! The sky's the limit! Take a hatchet to your adobe build to give it a distressed look. Make sure you're satisfied with your creation before distressing it, though, because mining distressed adobe bricks will return only earth to your inventory.


Introduced in 2012.