Agility Skill


Agility is one of eleven player Skills. It is related to the art of being nimble.

Agility Attributes

Raising this skill will allow you to:

  • Move faster
  • Jump higher
  • Improve dexterity
  • Reduce physical damage
  • Increase Stealth Cloak duration
  • have better luck catching butterflies and other nettable mobs

Skill Bonus



  • Brass Exoleg +1
  • Diamond Exoleg +2
  • Onyx Exoleg +2

Exolegs are a permanent enhancement to your skill level. They are not tradable, and do not need to be equipped in the Accessory Bar.

See Exoskeletons for more information.

Max Level: 15

Agility Skill (10) + Onyx Boot (3) + Diamond/Onyx Exoleg (2)