Anbaric Mushroom


The Anbaric Mushroom is yellow in color, with small numerous stems sprouting from its base. In addition to its yellow texture, the mushroom also has a medium-bright yellow glow. The Anbaric Mushroom is considered the rarest of all Mushrooms and is also the most desirable. Like all mushrooms, the Anbaric Mushroom can be found in the Organic Section of the inventory.

How to Obtain

The Anbaric Mushroom can be found in Regular Worlds To obtain the mushroom, all one has to do is mine it with any pickaxe


The Anbaric Mushroom can be used for decoration purposes, and to get the forager achievement. Will have a role in the upcoming Mushroom Wine.


This Mushroom was added when the Mushroom Wine idea was released to the public. There were only 3 other mushrooms before this update.