Androids are non-hostile humanoid robots that prowl the remains of Deepworld, attempting to make awkward conversation with any weary traveler who happens upon them. Six androids can be naturally found in any world. Each has its own unique name hovering above it. Androids spawn in the sky, but do not drop to earth for the first time until a player passes beneath them.


Androids will stop and try to strike up a conversation when you move close enough to them. You can tap on them to open a dialog box that will allow you to make various requests.

Android movement is similar to other walking mobs. They will walk in one direction until they reach an obstacle, and then turn around and walk the other way. If an android passes a human in its travels, it will stop and attempt to communicate. If the human doesn't respond, it will continue on the way it was going.

Like other walking mobs, androids will go up steps as long as the steps are not taller than two blocks high. They can traverse many sorts of diagonal corners, which can make them difficult to contain. Despite being two blocks tall, they will travel along one-block-high tunnels with ease. Of all the walking mobs, androids alone have the ability to jump down a one-block-wide chute dug in a flat surface.

Combat Tips

Androids cannot be killed, no matter how bad their jokes are.

How to Capture

Androids are fairly easy to capture. Build a barrier several blocks high on either side so you can prevent a wild goose chase. If you purchase or loot an android crate, be sure to follow this same strategy to make sure your android doesn't get lost in some obscure world.

To display your android in a world that others have access to, be sure to contain it with blocks that cannot be shoveled. Even on fully private worlds, this is good practice, as certain mobs have the ability to shovel.

Androids show a strong affinity for one another, and if you contain two or more in the same enclosure, they will eventually find a way to perfectly overlap each other so it looks like a single android with a completely unpronounceable name. Androids all seem to move at a pre-determined speed, so how they manage this is one of the enduring mysteries of the game.

If you find yourself needing to separate overlapped androids, simply click or tap on the android pile once. One android will stop to offer you the dialog box while the rest will continue moving. If the container is big enough, wait until the other androids are far enough away, then escape the dialog box by hitting the "okay" button. You should now be able to build a wall separating off the android.


Androids are one of the few truly interactive NPCs in the game.

Crafting Statues

If you drag a figurine onto an android, it will offer to craft it into either a marble or bloodstone statue for you. Be sure to have some marble or bloodstone ore in inventory. The android will require a small payment in shillings for performing this service.

Daily Gifts

Every 24 hours, you can get a gift from an android. Any android will give you stuff, but the android is a bit territorial, and if it knows you've been talking to other androids, it will only give you crappy gifts. If you remain faithful to one android, and ask it for a gift once a day, and do not interact with any other androids, then on the fifth day, it will give you a gift that is equivalent to looting a mechanical chest.


You can ask an android to tell you a joke, but this practice is not recommended: android jokes are super lame.


Find a Newton Android to begin your android questing! Note that Newton Androids are a separate NPC, and operate differently from regular androids. You can find a Newton Android at the middle spawn of any public world.


Androids have been in Deepworld since the first wave of updates in late 2012. They have become a mascot for Deepworld. In early 2013, the image of an android tipping its hat replaced the original game icon of a top-hat with a gear. By 2014, the android had been removed from the application icon.

An early beta bug when trading was implemented made players speak like androids. This occurred when a beta tester tried to trade with a non-beta player. Instead of speaking words, the second player would begin displaying zeroes and ones in chat. This was a hilarious, but very short-lived, glitch.

Android crates were added in late 2012. They can be looted or bought with crowns. Each contains a unique android for your home, vault, or public attraction!

Android jokes are drawn from a pool of jokes submitted by forum participants for the September 2013 Joke Competition.