Android Quest


Android quests were implemented in May 2015. They begin when the player speaks with with specialized androids. There are several different primary androids, each of whom sends the player on a series of quests. These quests are broken down into a series of smaller tasks. Each finished quest earns XP, and they grow more difficult as the player progresses. Quests may involve gathering items, visiting other worlds, speaking to specific secondary androids, performing various tasks, navigating challenging builds, bringing items back to the android, or some combination of any or all of the above.

In all cases, in order to receive the XP, you must return to the android who gave you the quest.

Newton: Survive and Thrive (Any World's Central Portal)

  • "Say Hello": (250 xp) Use chat to say something
  • "Let's Look Presentable": (250 xp) Use the Appearance pane to put on a top hat
  • "Paranoid Android": (500 xp) Go to another world and talk to a different Newton android
  • "Practice Your Marksmanship": (500 xp) Use a pistol to kill any 10 creatures
  • "Practice Your Shovelin' Arm": (500 xp) Use your shovel to dig any 50 blocks
  • "What's in a Name": (500 xp) Go to the world of Stockport and speak with Victoria III in the Steward's Tower

Arthur: The Art of War (Crockerlee)

  • "The Hunt Begins": (250 xp) Destroy 10 automata and bring 10 scrap metal to Arthur
  • "You Will Pump You Up": (250 xp) Use a sledgehammer to kill 25 mobs
  • "No Pain No Gain": (500 xp) Go to a desert world and kill 3 giant scorpions, then bring the 3 scorpion tails to an Arthur android
  • "Terrify the Terrapi": (500 xp) Kill 10 of each kind of terrapus
  • "Killer Queen": (500 xp) Kill 3 queen terrapi
  • "Bombproofing (Or Lack Thereof)": (500 xp) Destroy 25 automata using bombs
  • "I Got Worms": (500 xp) Kill 5 of each type of mutant worm (sand worms in desert biomes and snow worms in arctic biomes)
  • "Thunderbolt and Lightning": (500 xp) Go to Preston Peak and complete the challenge at Gilbert's Lab to receive an energy pistol from Gilbert
  • "Cult of the Occult": (1000 xp) Go to a hell world and kill 20 revenants and 5 dire revenants

Isabella: Let Them Eat Cake (Wine Cellar: London)

  • "Salty Sustenance": (250 xp) Craft jerky 3 times
  • "Apocalyptic Leftovers": (250 xp) Go to the world of West Oberlin and talk to Kenneth in the Food Bunker; receive canned foods from him and bring them to an Isabella android
  • "Mooshy Mushies": (500 xp) Find 10 portabella, 10 oyster, and 5 porcini mushrooms and bring them to an Isabella android
  • "Shroom Inspection": (500 xp) Go to the world of Clearvale and complete the challenge at the Mushroom Society in order to talk to Alexis

Secondary Androids:

  • Victoria III: "What's in a Name" (Steward's Tower in Stockport)
  • Kenneth: "Apocalyptic Leftovers" (Food Bunker in West Oberlin)
  • Gilbert: "Thunderbolt and Lightning" (Gilbert's Lab in Preston Peak)
  • Alexis: "Shroom Inspection" (Mushroom Society in Clearvale)


  • Android locations or quest destinations are marked by a red plaque and are highlighted on the mini map in red.
  • A Newton android can be found at middle spawn in any public world.
  • You can find more information in your Quest Log, via the Profile pane.