Deepworld API

The Deepworld API is an online resource for players to get interesting information about the game. It's very new and still under construction, but you can use it as we work on it!

In order to fully use the API, you'll want to get your API token. Log in here to go to your player page, where you'll see your API token at the top of the screen. Your token functions sort of like a password, so don't give it out to anybody!


The queries will return a json object containing the information you requested.

You customise the query by adding parameters, in the form "name"="value".

Parameters should be separated by an ampersand ('&') and should have a question mark ('?') in between them and the root.


Root: https://api.deepworldgame.com/v1/worlds


  • development: 0 - 5, 0 being unexplored, 5 being fully explored with many structures built
  • activity: "market"
  • pvp: "true"
  • account: "recent" or "bookmarked"
  • residency: "owned" or "member"
  • per_page: 1 - 100 (only allowed for residency queries)
  • biome: "brain", "deep", "desert", "hell" and "plain"
  • sort: "popularity" or "created"
  • name: any name (performs a search, so "times" would return anything starting with that)


Note that these example links may not work by clicking directly, but if you copy and paste them into a new tab/window they should work.

Replace the text in the links that says "YOURAPITOKEN" with your API token.


  • As of January 2019, searching for "development=0" world will return only protected/owned worlds.
  • The name parameter is not case sensitive. If a world name contains a space, use a space in the search.