Arctic Biome


The arctic biome is one of the six Biomes. As its name implies, the arctic biome is a cold and icy place, where ice takes the place of liquid water and icicles replace stalagmites and stalactites. Like other specialized biomes, arcitc biomes are premium-only.

Environmental Dangers

In arctic worlds, the biggest danger for players with lower levels of survival skill is freezing to death. Unlike other biomes, where falling particles deal damage that can be avoided by taking shelter, the damage from cold is time-based according to the player's level of survival skill, and falling snow hastens the rate of freezing. Each step up in skill level gives a few more minutes of time before you freeze to death, and above Survival Skill level 5, you are immune altogether. How cold you are can be determined by how blue you are.

To stay warm in arctic worlds you can click on lit fireplaces or braziers. Each time you tap a lit fireplace or brazier, your level of freezing is reset. Note that at the lowest survival skill level, you will freeze in about five minutes, and it takes about ten minutes for a fireplace or brazier to ignite after being placed.

Arctic Mobs

In addition to the universal mobs there are mobs specific to arctic worlds:

  • Bunny (a non-hostile mob)
  • Ice Terrapus
  • Arctic Worm

Arctic Blocks

There are several biome-specific blocks for the arctic biome. Some are resources and others are decorative items.

Arctic Resources


Diamond Ore is one of the rarest biome-specific blocks and also the one of the rarest ores in the game. In the ground, diamond ore resembles a patch of glowing dirt. In inventory or when placed it looks like a pile of glowing white pebbles. Diamonds are used in trading and in crafting to make higher-end tools like the diamond pickaxe or diamond butler, or to craft the diamond upgrade kit (to upgrade various guns).

Ice and snow

Ice and snow are common, naturally-generated blocks in arctic worlds. Ice can be obtained by mining ice or icicles; snow from mining snow. Ice can be crafted into ice bricks or backdrops, and snow can be crafted into snowballs and snow bricks and backdrops. While ice- and snow-related blocks can be traded among players like any other block, they can only be placed in arctic worlds.


In arctic biomes, stalagmites and stalactites take the form of icicles. When mined, icicles drop ice into inventory.

Arctic Decorations

Holiday Items

Holiday items include candy canes, stockings, and gift boxes. Candy canes are found underground in caves, while stockings and gift boxes can occur both above and below ground in surface structures and bunkers. Holiday items may be traded or placed in any biome. Note that stockings and gift boxes only generate during the holiday season.

Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures generate in specialized underground bunkers. They can be traded, but unlike holiday items, they can only be placed in arctic biomes.

Mounted Heads

The arctic biome is the only biome where the Jackalope Head can be found.


The Trapper achievements are connected to the Arctic Biome as they involve trapping skunks or bunnies. As the Bunny only spawns in Arctic Worlds, the achievement is linked to this Biome. While it is possible to get this achievement by trapping skunks, it is much easier to get it by trapping bunnies since skunks only spawn randomly, but in arctic biomes, bunnies spawn quite regularly from maws.

There are some future Arctic specific achievements planned. These are:

  • Android Unfreezing
  • Snowman Making

Arctic Development

Purification Process:

Arctic Biomes don't need to be purified, as they start out with 0% acidity. As a result, they have no purifier. Each arctic has only a recycler.

Benefits of Arctic Biomes:

  • Ability to grow Pine Trees
  • Ability to place ice- and snow-related items, including ice sculptures
  • Lack of crows