A battery is a consumable item that looks like a white glowing lantern. You can find this item in the Accessories section of your inventory. Batteries function to power Butler Bots.

How to Obtain

You can craft batteries in the Accessories section of Crafting, loot them from chests, or trade for them in market worlds.

How to Use

Simply keep a supply in inventory. Your Butler Bot(s) will automatically use them as necessary. The rate at which your bot uses them up depends on your Automata skill level. The higher your skill level, the more time your bot will get out of each battery. The butler charger accessory will further extend this time. At max Automata skill with the butler charger accessory equipped, one battery will power an onyx Butler Bot for about five minutes.


Before batteries, Butler Bots used ectoplasm.

If you run out of batteries, but have enough ectoplasm in inventory, your bot will still function. (check to see if this is still true)

Need better details about how long a battery will power a bot for.