Each world is a unique biome that determines its appearance and what you'll find there. For more information, see each biome's individual page.


Temperate Biome - A normal biome for the apocalypse, it features basic properties of a world.

Hell Biome - A dangerous world, filled with lava, ghosts, and brain-spewing culverts.

Arctic Biome - A cold biome, with ice and snow.

Desert Biome - A dry biome, with vultures, scorpions, and armadillos, oh my!.

Deep Biome - A dark, sky-less biome, with specialized crystals, farting culverts, and mushrooms that just want you to come a little bit closer.

Brain Biome - A purple biome full of acid, spikes, and brains.

Space Biome - A deep space biome filled with asteroids and dangerous supernovas.