Bloodstone Column


A bloodstone column is a glossy building block found in the Opulence section of inventory. Like all bloodstone items, it's dark green with flecks of red. This item is 2x2 blocks in size and has no collision.

How to Obtain

You can either craft this item or trade for it. It doesn't generate naturally (January 2016).

How to Use

Due to its large size in comparison to many other building blocks, and the relative difficulty of crafting it (semi-rare ore and high building skill required), this block is often used in epic builds to create a sense of majesty and grandeur. Since it lacks collision, it's the perfect block for adding interest to large, open areas where allowing unhindered player movement is desired.

Like all blocks bigger than the typical 1x1 size, columns can be layered with one another or with any other block. A common trick is to place a column, then place a touchplate on the right bottom block of the column (for example, with just a message, or as a switch to a spawner or other switched device). On most builds, the column will layer in front of the touchplate, allowing you to surprise any player who happens to pass by.

This item cannot be distressed with a hatchet.