Note: For info about the specific item named "bomb," see below. This top section provides information about bombs in general.

Bombs are destructive machines that detonate shortly after being placed (unless they are placed within the radius of a bomb suppressor). There are different kinds of bombs: some destroy items and damage players, some only damage players, and some don't do any direct damage at all, but instead dump a bunch of liquid or drill a temporary hole.

In all cases, no matter how high your building skill level, you can place bombs only a block or two away at most. This is to prevent higher-level players from having an overpowered advantage over newer or less-equipped players. (As of February 2016, it is possible on v3 to place bombs much farther away. Enjoy it while it lasts!)

For info on other types of bombs, see their individual pages:

How to Obtain

You can craft most bombs, although there are some you can only get by looting or purchasing (namely, liquid bombs). Bombs also drop as loot quite frequently from treasure chests. All bombs are also tradable in market worlds.

How to Use

To use any bomb, just place it. Then ... run away! The bomb will tick for a few seconds and then do its thing.

If you place a bomb within the radius of a bomb suppressor, it will tick and then fall silent without exploding. A phantom image will remain on screen. This phantom image can be mined by anyone, regardless of whether the area is protected or not. So don't try to use bombs as permanent decorations!

Bomb (Item) Overview

The weakest of all bombs, the item named "bomb" is a little package of destruction, with a damage radius of about 4 blocks.

How to Obtain

This bomb can be crafted or traded, and also sometimes drops as loot from treasure chests.

How to Use

Like all bombs, this bomb can only be placed a short distance away. This is to prevent people with very high building skill level from having an unfair advantage over players who can't place items as far away.

Bombs will damage or kill mobs and players, and will also damage or destroy blocks (but never liquids). Damage from this sort of bomb will not destroy blocks or damage players if there is a wall of metal or reinforced metal blocks in between.