Brain Lord


The Brain Lord is the largest, strongest and most dangerous foe in Deepworld. This behemoth is 7 blocks wide and 8 blocks tall, and has numerous special adaptations that make it especially formidable. Attempts to kill it are almost useless unless you have a band of elite warriors at your side. Be warned: you may not survive. The Brain Lord's bombs, tentacles, and powerful built-in energy cannons are terribly difficult to overcome.

Brain Lords spawn inside specific dungeons that can generate in any biome type. They also spawn randomly underground in brain worlds, and in Pandora's Box events that have high chaos levels.


  • Damage on contact: Standard brain attack.
  • Energy cannon: Standard brain ranged attack.
  • Desiccator cannon: Ranged attack, does not deal damage, but takes away 5 steam when hit.
  • Magnet bomb: Small bomb that slowly moves towards a player.
  • Spawns adult brains: Occasionally spawns adult brains that do not drop anything when killed.

Combat Tips

The Brain Lord is a massive, powerful enemy that will fight until the very end - but you don't have to do the same. Sometimes the smartest strategy when faced with one of these giants is simply to run. They are relatively slow-moving, allowing you to take cover, dodge the incoming bombs and weapon blasts, and safely retreat from the area.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a challenge and have either a considerable amount of jerky or a posse of friends, you can duke it out with the Brain Lord. For best results, use different weapons to disrupt the Brain's adapting energy shield. Also, alternate hiding and fighting, because your steam will degenerate rapidly.


If you do manage to kill a brain lord, you will earn at least 100 XP (up to 150 XP for the highest Order of the Moon ranking). In addition, it will drop one of the following into your inventory:

  • fire bombs (up to 3)
  • stealth cloaks (up to 2)
  • shillings (up to 100)
  • power jerky (up to 5)
  • canisters (up to 6)
  • brain wine (extremely rare chance)