Brain Tank Glass


This brain-themed item is intended to serve as the glass of brain tanks. It appears as completely opaque, light-green glass with a high gloss. It occupies one square block and has no collision, and can be found in the Utility section of inventory. Like all other items, brain tank glass layers in front of backdrop blocks.

How to Obtain

Brain tank glass can be mined in brain worlds, where it generates naturally in underground caves as part of a complete brain tank, often surrounded by neurons and one or more industrial crates. Brain tank glass can't be crafted, but you can trade for it in a market world.

How to Use

Brain tank glass is typically used to make the glass of a brain tank. Brain tank items are among a handful of items that, when placed contiguously, reshape themselves accordingly. When placed adjacent to other brain tank glass blocks both horizontally and vertically, the glass reshapes itself into a tank shape with smooth vertical sides, rounded corners, and metallic edging at the top and bottom. These edges are consistent with brain tank tops and brain tank bottoms, allowing you to create an integrated brain tank using all three items.

When placed as a single block, brain tank glass is a perfect, borderless green square. This makes it useful as a small accent color in building.

Like all other items (as opposed to building blocks), brain tank glass doesn't generate in a decayed state and can't be decayed with a hatchet.


When first released, before brain biomes were fully implemented, brain tank items could only be obtained from chests of plenty in one of the brain biome competition worlds. You can still go there and get a few tank parts today. In addition, they could only be placed in brain biomes. This meant they could only be placed in the three brain competition worlds, since public brain biomes didn't start generating for some time.