Brass Block


The Brass Block is a type of building block that is also widely used in crafting. You can find it in the Construction section of your inventory, where it looks like a gold-colored square with a slightly darker border. A brass block takes up one square block of space and has full collision.

How to Obtain

You can craft this block in the Metallurgy section of the crafting tab, trade for it in a market world, or mine it from many naturally-generated structures in any biome type. Note that mining the decayed version of this block will drop brass scrap metal into your inventory, rather than a brass block. This item also commonly drops as loot from crates, barrels, and sacks. If you're really hard up for brass blocks and you have money to spare, you can also purchase them from the Crown Store. The Building Pack, located in the Resources section of the store, costs 150 crowns and contains (among other things) 100 brass blocks.

If you craft this item while standing near a working forge, you'll get twice as much back as normal.

How to Use


You can use brass blocks as an upscale building material with a steampunk feel. Since they provide a measure of protection against damage from bombs, players also sometimes use them when constructing bases and shelters.

If you're going for the apocalyptic look, you can decay this block by hitting it with a hatchet. Note that you shouldn't do this until you're sure you have your build the way you want it, since mining decayed blocks to move them will give you only scrap metal.


Brass blocks are one of the most important and heavily-used blocks in crafting. More than a third of all crafting recipes require brass blocks. The following is a list of items that require brass blocks as an ingredient (as of January 2016):