Brass Throne


The Brass Throne is a specially awarded competition prize, making it extremely exclusive . As of November 2013, there are only five in existence. It cannot be looted or crafted, and is not generated naturally by the game. Only a developer can add this item to a player's inventory. Each Brass Throne was won as part of an official Bytebin competition.

The Brass Throne was not originally intended to be handed out to contest winners. The first throne was given out during the afterparty of the first contest as an additional gift to the grand prize winner. Due to its rarity, it soon became more valued than the crowns reward.

As of October 2013, two of the thrones can be found in Clearvale, one can be found in Spalding Vale, and one can be found at the Deepworld Museum at Deepworld HQ.

The owners of each Brass Throne are Philoraptor, toadlover, axle, Sirentist, Radiant, Yassin20014, Clueboe, Aeonxal, Oxidis, and Axecident.