Red brick is a basic and very common building block. Found in the Construction section of inventory, this item looks like a square of red brick wall. It occupies a 1x1 block space and has full collision. When placed alone, it appears with a thin grey border of mortar. When placed in contact with other red bricks, this border disappears wherever the brick faces touch each other.

How to Obtain

Red bricks can be crafted, traded for, or mined from naturally-generated structures on all biome types.

How to Use

Use this block with its complementary backdrop for a traditional look, or try combining it with brass or copper backdrop for a more contemporary decor. All brick types can be distressed with a hatchet, and mining distressed bricks will return bricks to inventory (rather than reverting to clay).


All bricks of all colors were originally called "brick." Due to naming conflicts, they were eventually renamed to the names you see today. Although the official title of this brick is "Red Brick," its id is still just "building/brick." Strangely, its complementary backdrop was not similarly renamed to be "Red Brick Backdrop," but retains its original default title of "Brick Backdrop." Go figure.