Butler Bot


Butler Bots are companion robots that can be used to assist in mining, building, transferring liquids, and other tasks. They come in three versions: brass butler bot, diamond butler bot, and onyx butler bot. All three types are craftable and purchasable. Butler bots must be programmed with directives at Butlerbot HQ in order to gain new functionality, and require certain Automata skill levels to operate.


Butler Directive Units are found as loot in red chests, or can be purchased as part of the Automata Package via the in-game store. They serve no purpose until they are installed at the Butlerbot HQ. The directives include:

  • Mine - All butlers
  • Place - All butlers
  • Fill - All Butlers
  • Drain - All butlers
  • Dump - All butlers
  • Excavate - Diamond and onyx butlers only
  • Move - All butlers, only available in The Factory
  • More coming soon!

Note: The brass butler bot can only carry water, diamond can carry water and acid, and onyx can carry lava along with water and acid.


Butler Bots are fueled by ectoplasm, which can be obtained by killing revenants in hell worlds.


Batteries make it so that butler bots can go to sleep mode when it shuts down on its own. It takes priority over ectoplasm so if you have ectoplasm and batteries in your inventory, it uses the batteries first.

Butler Bot Charger

The butler bot charger, a player accessory, makes it so that the butler bot has 50% more power.


  • Brass - Requires lvl 3 automata
  • Diamond - Requires lvl 4 automata
  • Onyx - Requires lvl 5 automata


  • The first Butler Bot in Deepworld was given to a player as part of a dev-sponsored dungeon building competition.
  • Butler Bots can only place 1x1 objects with the "place" directive.
  • If a Butler Bot places a flower, the placed flower takes the form of its premature version, as if it were being grown from a bulb.
  • Butler Bots have the ability to place lights on areas that have no backdrop.
  • Up until the end of May 2014, butler bots with the "mine" directive had the ability to mine unrepaired teleporters.

Things a butler bot might say while working:

  • "K Thx Bai" - upon shutdown
  • "We shall mine together" - while mining
  • "ONYX! ONYX! Just kidding" - while mining
  • "Reserves have run dry" - when it has run out of liquids
  • "Initiating deactivation procedure" - upon shutdown