ButlerBot HQ

A Butlerbot can be crafted or purchased anywhere, but they can only be programmed with Butler Directive Units at ButlerBot HQ in Pocklington or at Mobile Butler Bot HQ in The Factory (Only has the Directives Move, Mine, and Place). The HQ features a large main building that serves as an entryway dungeon and a separate challenge dungeon for each installable directive.

Entryway Challenge

The entrance to the HQ is a large dungeon/maze with turrets, spikes, mobs, brains, etc. There are many paths branching in different directions, but only one path leads to the directive dungeons; the others are dead ends. There are checkpoints placed at regular intervals. If you die, you spawn at the last one you passed.

Directive Challenges

After completing the entryway challenge, you will find yourself in a fairly large passageway with smaller passages branching off from it. Each one of these is another, smaller dungeon that you must pass through in order to reach the directive installer at the end.


The mining directive allows the ButlerBot to act as a second pickaxe, allowing you to mine any unprotected item.


The filling directive allows the ButlerBot to fill an area with background blocks


The building directive allows the ButlerBot to place items from your inventory in unprotected areas.

Liquid Transfer

Installing the liquid transfer directive allows the ButlerBot to drain and dump liquids. A brass butler can move only water, a diamond butler can move water and acid, and an onyx butler can move acid, water, and lava. However, a ButlerBot currently can not transport liquids between different worlds.


The excavation directive allows the ButlerBot to mine the dirt backdrop above and below, but not at, sea level. This directive is only usable with diamond and onyx butlers.

Blocked-Off Passages

Several passages are blocked off by stone walls. These are still in development, and they will be opened eventually.