Commands are entered in the Console (where you chat) and perform a variety of functions, including managing your player, guild, and private worlds.

Basic Commands:

  • /die - Makes you die and respawn at one of the orange world teleporters

  • /sp - Immediately teleports you to one of the orange world teleporters without dying

  • /trading [on/off] - Changes whether other players can initiate trades with you. It does not affect your ability to initiate your own trades.

/report - Allows players to report inappropriate behavior.

  • /exit - Makes you quit the game instantly, and takes you straight to the login menu.

/mute all- Mutes the entire chat.

/unmute all- Unmutes the entire chat.

  • /closeup - Zooms in on your character, as a benefit for screen-capturing your characters's profile. By simply zooming out you can undo this command.

  • /exo [on/off] - Shows or hides your exoskeleton. All the effects of an exoskeleton are still active it is just invisible.

  • /order - Brings up a dialog allowing you to decide which (if any) order symbol to display next to your name.

Private world commands:

  • /whelp - Brings up a list of all the private world commands

  • /winfo - Displays all the members of the world and the access code

  • /wrecode - Generates a new access code

  • /wadd [player] - Adds a new member

  • /wremove [player] - Removes an existing member and can kick players from the world

  • /wrename [name] - Renames the world (can be used once per day)

  • /wpvp [on/off] - Allows players to damage each other through means of guns, sledgehammers, etc. (once per day) See PvP

  • /wpublic [on/off] - Setting to on makes world is accessible to anyone, but prohibits players from mining and/or building unless added to the world by the owner; setting to off reverts the world back to fully private status

  • /wprotected off - Turns off protected access to the world, allowing others to build/mine. By default when a world is made public, and protection has not been already turned off, players are prohibited from mining/building unless they are a world member or owner

  • Note: The private world commands can only be used by the world's owner within the private world.

    Guild commands:

    • /ghelp - Brings up a list of all the guild commands.
    • /ginfo - Displays guild members and info.
    • /ginvite [player] - Invites a player to your guild.
    • /gremove [player] - Removes a player from your guild.
    • /gleader [player] - Passes on your leadership to another player. Keep in mind, you both have to meet at the guild obelisk to pass on your leadership.
    • /gquit - Leave the guild.