Companion Cube


The companion cube is a small wooden box with a heart on it. When tapped, it will say something companionable. It can be found in the Opulence section of inventory. A possible reference to the popular "Portal" game series.


Simply place the box and then tap on it. (The companion cube can be mined back up after being placed.) The friendless, or anyone who needs a quick self-esteem boost, will soon find solace in the cheerful and complimentary interaction that a companion cube offers. Carry it with you at all times for instant access to affirmations and positive regard!

For those of a more grouchy temperament, it is recommended to surround the companion cube on all four sides with outward-pointing large spikes before inviting friends to come by for a mutual admiration party.

How to Obtain

Companion cubes drop as loot from chests, or can be traded with other players.