Deepworld has a regular competition circuit sponsored by the development team that involves building, writing, and other activities. Entries are voted on by past competition winners, with final judging in the hands of the development team. Winners receive crown prizes and other new items. The grand prize winner of each competition also wins the coveted Brass Throne, the rarest item in the game.

Past Competitions

General Guidelines

All building competitions share similar guidelines (unless specifically noted otherwise):

  • Type /help competition for information on the current competition.
  • Each player can create one entry in total. This means no alt accounts.
  • Your entry must be associated with an official green competition protector (one that you claimed) in order for it to count. In other words, randomly placing a protector and building something in it does not qualify you as an official entrant.
  • There is one grand prize winner (500 crowns + brass throne), several category winners (250 crowns - categories determined after voting), a few popular choice winners (250 crowns - voted on by general public), and a handful of runners-up (100 crowns).
  • Judges are all previous contest winners.
  • Judges are encouraged to vote on entries that are 1) aesthetically pleasing, 2) original, and 3) have some kind of interesting story or tie-in to Deepworld.
  • Worlds are always duplicated after the competition, which lets the entries persist forever and also allows players to reclaim their resources (from the duplicated versions).

Tips and Suggestions

  • Each entry in a world is assigned a number. You can travel around to the different entries by using the /entry command. For example, if you wanted to visit entry #123 in a world, you would type: /entry 123.
  • Determining your own entry number is a matter of trial and error, and may take a day or two, depending on how often the entry database is updated. Sometimes forum members will post lists of participants' entry numbers, so if you don't want to go through the hassle of figuring out your own number, try keeping an eye on the associated forum thread.
  • Remember that when judges view your entry, they'll be using the /entry command, which will drop them exactly where the green protector is. This means you should make sure to leave a space there rather than enclosing it completely in solid blocks. If you want your entry to be viewed starting at a different place, you can put a target teleporter at the green protector that will take people to the starting point of your choosing.
  • Don't forget to pay attention to the guidelines for the specific competition! If you build a shop or a vault or a hotel for a competition that's about pixel art, for example, your entry is likely to be quickly discounted by the judges.
  • As of July 2015, there remains a problem with diamond target teleporters losing functionality when a world's protection status is changed. Competition worlds start out as unprotected, and then are made protected after the competitions end. Although in the past the devs have fixed the issue on a world-by-world basis, they haven't fixed it before the judging begins. This means that any diamond target teleporters you place during the building phase will stop working for some amount of time once the competition is over. During the judging phase, judges will most likely not be able to use any diamond target teleporters that you have placed until just before judging is closed. Since player judges cast their votes at the beginning of the judging phase, it is recommended that you not use diamond target teleporters as part of your build. (Regular target teles should work just fine, though.)